Turn Amazon Customer Reviews Into Marketing Success

November 7, 2022
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Successful Amazon sellers know how critical customer reviews are. They can help build your brand’s reputation. They can deepen trust with current and potential customers. Not to mention help you increase sales and generate more profit. 

Amazon customer reviews can strengthen your marketing too. Not only do reviews better your Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, but they can also boost the traffic coming to your listings from external sources. 

You can and should use your reviews in your marketing to accelerate a thriving Amazon e-commerce operation. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, here’s how to turn them into successful marketing initiatives. 

Find Out More About Who’s Buying Your Product 

Collecting, processing, and analyzing data is necessary if you want your marketing and store to succeed. Customer reviews are a critical source of data for any Amazon seller. 

You can learn: 

  • The overall impression of your product 
  • Details about your brand perception 
  • What customers love about the product 
  • Any specific complaints about it 
  • Suggestions for improving the product or overall experience 
  • How the logistics experience is (i.e., shipping, packaging, etc.)

Customer review data is also crucial for quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). Quality assurance focuses on establishing quality standards and ensuring future products meet them, while quality control focuses on whether products meet and have met those standards in the past. 

Your customers discuss quality in their reviews and can share with you whether or not that quality standard has changed (in a good or bad way) over time, thus assisting you with QA and QC. 

You can use all the information you get from customer reviews to determine who’s buying your product, how they’re using it, whether they’re enjoying it, and how you can improve. 
The key is to be transparent about how you collect and use customer data. Give your customers some say in the process. And only gather and use data absolutely necessary and relevant for your marketing or e-commerce store duties.

Use Customer Reviews on Social Media 

Social media might be the best place to get genuine product reviews outside Google and Yelp. These platforms are also goldmines for marketers. Millions of people go to social media daily to learn more about if a product is good and where to buy it. 

Whether a customer writes a review on your Amazon product page or does a video review of the product on their social media page, use them on your social media platforms. Screenshot the written review and post it on your page and in your stories. Or ask to use any user-generated content on your platforms. 

Then, you can put a link in your bio directing those interested in buying to your Amazon store to purchase. 

Turn Customer Reviews into Ads

Have you ever seen those ads on Amazon, television, Youtube, or social media that are video reviews from actual customers? Well, you too, can take advantage of turning your customer reviews into ads. 

Paid ads should be a part of your marketing strategy when you can afford them. Ads can supplement your organic marketing strategies and drive traffic to your Amazon store and other digital marketing channels. 

Sit down and define a strategy for paid ads first. Then, ask for permission from customers who send you video reviews to use them in various paid ads on Amazon and social media. Finally, consider automating your ads with our Kinetic PPC Tool

Visual showing how to automate paid ads on the Viral Launch Kinetic tool
Tracking and turning on and off paid amazon ads on the Viral Launch Kinetic tool

Share Reviews on Your Website 

If you’re putting in some intentional effort to build your brand outside your Amazon e-commerce store site, you probably have your own website. If that’s you, be sure customer reviews are on it. Anywhere you talk about the products in your e-commerce store, include customer reviews. 

You can create a separate page on your website that houses all of your customer reviews. You can include your best reviews for each product on your individual product pages. You can also include a link to the actual review on your Amazon store product page to drive traffic to the listing.

Create an Email Marketing Series From Them 

You may or may not have an email list for those that follow your brand. However, if you do, you can use your customer reviews in your email marketing strategy in two main ways. 

  1. Create an after-purchase email series that thanks customers for their purchases and encourages them to leave a review. 
  2. Use reviews in various promotional emails to generate interest in your products and invite anyone who hasn’t to leave a review so they can be featured in emails like this, on your social media page, or website. 

However you decide to use your reviews in your email marketing, consider offering an incentive attached to the request for a review, like a discount or free shipping on their next purchase to persuade customers even more. 

Turn your customer reviews into an email series to not just encourage new customers to leave a review, but also to show them what they have to look forward to with their purchase. 


Amazon shoppers’ purchases are influenced by reviews. So, take them seriously, whether negative or positive, and channel them into successful marketing initiatives to further their impact on your customers.

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