Maximize Sales and Rank With Amazon Keyword Tracker Notifications

April 21, 2020
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If your Amazon listing’s rank falls, how soon would you know? Our Amazon keyword tracker helps you keep tabs on rank changes.

Amazon sellers realize that most of their sales come from organic search results, and 70% of shoppers don’t venture beyond the first page of search results. That means staying visible is a major key to successful sales. Monitoring with our Amazon keyword tracker can help you do it.

On top of your own rankings, you can learn a lot more and gain a much greater competitive edge by paying the same attention to the ranking of your competitors’ listings. With Keyword Manager, our keyword tracker for Amazon, you can be notified instantly if your rank — or a competitor’s rank — changes. You can react instantly to the data to see why your competitor jumped or fell in rank and protect your own listing’s position in the process.

From Tracking Ranks to Boosting Sales

It’s a fact of life on Amazon’s market that keyword ranking jumps around like crazy. Sometimes, every other session will show a different order of products for the same keyword search. Notifications eliminate the need to constantly refer to a ranking dashboard to see how that fluctuation has affected your listing. Set the parameters and let the system tell you when it’s time to adjust your selling strategy.

Knowing the exact time your ranking drops or falls and reacting to it in real time can give you a leg up over competitors. At the same time, you must know when those competitors drop in rank so that you can use it to your advantage. As you get familiar with making the most of Amazon keyword rank tracking, boost that advantage by using real-time data and custom notifications to maximize your sales strategy, such as:

1. Increasing PPC spend at just the right time: 

When your rank starts to slip for a particular keyword, the rank tracking tool will notify you immediately. You can boost PPC spend to more aggressively target that particular keyword and gain back some of your position as soon as possible. Our PPC tool, Kinetic, allows you to automate the entire process.

2. Attributing efforts to results: 

The transparency you get with our rank tracking tool allows you to see just how effective your advertising efforts are, which is essential to devising any Amazon selling strategy. After boosting PPC spend, set ranking notifications to be more strict so you’ll instantly know whether the additional spend is working.

3. Prioritizing the highest-ranking product variations: 

For products that have multiple variations (such as small, medium, and large), rank tracking gives you an entirely new dimension of performance to track. For example, if the small versions of the product start ranking highest, you can boost your ad efforts and stock up on smalls before the sales boost.

In Conclusion

As can be seen, Amazon keyword rank tracking is essential for anyone who wants to sell on Amazon. Since the market is driven by a search engine, our keyword tracking tool helps you stay in tune with the constant fluctuations in the keywords for which you’re competing. Get notified instantly, at whatever threshold you set, so you can optimize your listings appropriately. 

Don’t let the competition pass you by! Start a free trial with our Amazon keyword tracker and monitoring tools today!

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