Amazon seller sitting at her laptop while working on creating a blog article.

3 Reasons Amazon Sellers Need a Blog on Their Website

August 15, 2023
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Amazon seller sitting at her laptop while working on creating a blog article.

Amazon can be a great resource for your eCommerce business. Even if it’s not the only platform you’re selling on, it can provide you with access to a global audience that is already engaged in the buying process. Not to mention that you can benefit from the brand trust and loyalty the company has developed with consumers over the years.

It’s important not to simply rely on Amazon’s reputation. Four your business to truly thrive, you need to establish your independent value to customers as a seller on the platform. One way you can achieve this is by creating a blog on your own website.

Certainly, maintaining an effective blog takes a commitment of time and energy, which requires consideration as an independent entrepreneur. So, let’s take a look at a few compelling reasons Amazon eCommerce sellers need a blog on their website.

1. It Supports Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perhaps the primary reason you need to have a blog on your website is as another tool to boost search engine optimization (SEO). After all, discoverability is vital in a market where there’s no shortage of competition. Having a blog that regularly provides high-quality content for your website can help you rank higher in important searches related to your niche. This can lead to more people and potential customers engaging with your store.

That said, simply having a blog doesn’t automatically result in better rankings. You need to take a strategic approach to ensure your company blog provides users with high-quality content that encourages meaningful engagement. Make sure your goals for your content — whether increasing brand awareness or driving sales — are clear. 

This allows you to conduct targeted research into the content preferences of your target audience, aiding you in achieving your goals. It’s also important to publish your blog consistently. Search engines tend to reward websites that frequently publish fresh, high-quality and relevant content. These sites are more likely to be crawled and have their pages indexed, which in turn can lead to increased online visibility.   

2. It Helps Establish Expertise and Trust

One of the ways to stand out among other Amazon eCommerce sellers is to develop trust among consumers. Certainly, the most direct way to achieve this is by encouraging consumers to leave positive reviews. However, you can also help this by demonstrating your expertise in your field. Having a blog on your website that highlights your expertise provides consumers with confidence that this reliability translates to your product offerings.  

Therefore, it’s important to regularly create blog posts that emphasize your expertise. This may involve behind-the-scenes explorations of your product design or procurement processes, showcasing the level of consideration and quality control that goes into your business. An example could be where you provide tutorial posts that highlight the best uses for different items you’re selling. 

Don’t just rely on your own expertise here, though. Ensure your claims are backed up by links pointing to credible research papers or high authoritative sites, such as .gov or .edu, or well-known authorities in your niche. This not only reinforces your points, but it can also help your SEO efforts.

3. It Enables You to Diversify Traffic Sources 

Many Amazon sellers rely on their primary traffic to come from internal searches on the platform. However, this isn’t likely to be an approach that maximizes your sales. Rather, encouraging traffic from a diverse range of sources can widen your reach and sales potential. Your website blog can be a powerful tool here.

Firstly, your blog posts themselves can be a direct connection between readers and your product listings. Crafting content that highlights your specific products and their use cases can naturally lead to a compelling call-to-action (CTA), urging readers to explore your amazon storefront. Having a wide range of readers regularly engaging with your pages can result in consistent traffic to your site.

In addition, by creating blog posts demonstrating expertise and authority, you may find that other blogs and websites link to your site as a trusted resource in their own content. As a result, click-throughs from other websites may result in a wider audience subsequently heading to your Amazon eCommerce store.

If you focus on creating high-quality and engaging content, you may find that readers consider them interesting, entertaining, or authoritative enough to share links on their social media accounts. This could get the attention of influencers who might want to work with you, resulting in beneficial marketing partnerships. This can lead to an increased number of eyes on your content, potentially leading to more diverse audiences learning more about or purchasing your items.


Amazon can be a powerful platform for your eCommerce business, offering access to a global audience and benefiting from the brand trust it has developed. However, relying solely on Amazon’s reputation is not enough.

To thrive, sellers should establish their independent value by creating a blog on their own website. An effective blog can help with SEO, establish expertise and trust, and diversify traffic sources. By consistently publishing high-quality content, sellers can attract a wider audience, potentially leading to increased sales.

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