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The First of the FBA Amazon Seller Tools Available On the Alexa

July 26, 2017
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amazon seller tools alexa

Introducing the very first Amazon Seller Tool on Alexa: Market Intelligence.

As an Amazon FBA seller, you’re constantly thinking about what your next great product is going to be. The majority of your best product ideas don’t hit you when you’re sitting in front of your computer ready to validate it with any of the available Amazon seller tools. So for all of those times you get that “next big idea” while you are, say, washing the dishes, taking a shower, or whenever private label brilliance strikes you, and you are without a killer research tool at your disposal, problem solved:

Enabling Market Intelligence On Your Amazon Echo Device

To enable this Amazon seller tool on your Alexa compatible device,  simply head to the Alexa Skills Store (or use the Alexa app), search “Market Intelligence”, click into the skill with the title “Viral Launch – Market Intelligence”, and press Enable. 

How To Do Product Research Hands Free

  1. Make sure Market Intelligence is enabled on your Echo device.
  2. Say to Alexa: “Alexa, open Market Intelligence.” (Alexa will respond: “Astronaut online”).
  3. Say: “Search [insert product/keyword here].” (Alexa response: “We are go for [[product/keyword]]”).
  4. Alexa will now begin counting down from 10. This gives our systems time to grab all of the necessary market data and run our proprietary analysis.
  5. If our system was quick enough, immediately after saying “one“, Alexa will tell you the star rating of the product as well as any tips, warnings, and alerts.
  6. If the system was not quick enough, you will need to say “blast off“, at which point Alexa will give you the searched product’s star rating as well as any tips, warnings, and alerts associated with your search.

The Next Breakthrough In Amazon Seller Tools?

No, we don’t expect the next wave of FBA tools to start emerging on your Echo device. We just thought this would be a fun way to use and share our killer product research tool, Market Intelligence!

All in all, even if you just use the Alexa skill once, we hope you enjoy and have fun with it!

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