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August 8, 2016
Amazon Package And Label Design

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” – Dieter Rams

In e-commerce, aesthetics is EVERYTHING!!!

The package and design of your product, packaging, and/or label affect:

  • Perceived quality of the product.
  • Perceived prestige of your brand and product.
  • The potential customer’s emotions towards your product.
  • The amount customers are willing to pay!!
  • How easily you are able to catch a prospective customer’s eye, driving them to click into your listing.
  • The number of customers that visit your website post purchase (key to building your own email list and brand following).
  • Long Lasting Brand loyalty (future sales)

A quick test

When scrolling through Amazon looking for a castor oil, which are you more likely to click on from a pure design standpoint…


Or perhaps…


Which of the above brands do you perceive as higher quality? Which product seems more likely to produce great results? Which is more likely to catch your eye when scrolling through search results?

You Get What You Pay For

There is a difference between checking off the to-do list on design and design that sells. We’ve watched product after product struggle with design and packaging clearly created by a cheap freelancer. In an attempt to save money and get a product up and running, the seller ends up severely limiting their sales potential by settling for a quick and cheap product/packaging design. The poor quality design quickly sets the perception of the brand as cheap, low-quality, and untrustworthy.

The Keys To Successful Amazon Package And Label Design

  1. Appeal: The most important aspect of a product, package, and/or label’s design is making sure that it is appealing. The more appealing the design, the more it will catch customer’s eyes causing them to click into your listing. The more appealing the design, the more reassured people will feel regarding the satisfaction they will get from buying/using/consuming your product.
  2. Target the Right Demographics: A shampoo and conditioner is likely going to  appeal to a different demographic than a crossfit jump rope. Each design is going to require a completely different train of thought including color palette, typography, graphics, and theme. Making sure to produce a design targeted specifically to your target market is important to creating a brand your customers can identify with. This is important to driving sales as well as creating brand loyal customers who are going to buy again and again.
  3. Brand Cohesion: Create designs that accentuate your brand and the story you are using to connect with buyers. If you’re a high quality product, you will use typography, design, and a color palette to illustrates that. If you are a kids brand, you may want to use a bright and lively color palette, typography, and set of designs to show the joy and fun in your brand and that customers will enjoy engaging with your products.

You Can’t Polish A ……

We touched briefly on the importance of Amazon product photography in our previous article. Photography is crucial to developing a click driving high converting listing. Photography is so important because it allows you to properly show off your product to customers. If your product/packaging design is poor, then there is only so much a good photographer can do. In a lot of cases, you end up having a really good picture of a bad thing.

The Secret Benefit of Controlling Your Design

As the manufacturer of your products, you, not Amazon, reign over the content placed on your product packaging. Packaging and labels are prime real estate / opportunity to provide incentives to drive customers to your website.

Having a group of brand loyal buyers should be a goal of every seller regardless of what e-commerce platform you sell on. The possibilities are endless once you have a group of your own.

Make sure that you are doing this tastefully and without too much intrusion as it can quickly create a poor user experience.

Beat Your Competition To The Punch

Each day the Amazon market becomes more competitive. As competition increases, more and more sellers are finding out just how profitable investing in great design is. As your competitor’s products begin to look better and better, gaining/holding your market share only becomes more difficult. The sooner you invest in a highly appealing product and packaging, the quicker you can grab a hold of the market and the easier it will be to fight off the competition. Succeeding in business is all about finding the competitive advantages. Design is one such advantage!

We Would Love To Help!

Please do yourself, your partners and your customers a favor, and find a talented designer to help you upgrade your brand and take your sales to another level!
Remember, as Steve Jobs said, “design is marketing!”.

Also, check out our suite of seller optimization tools to take you business to new heights.

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