Label & Package Design: Enhanced Brand Content, Infographics & More With Rebecca Ramos

September 27, 2018

Label & Package Design // Enhanced Brand Content // Infographics & MORE | Rebecca Ramos

Photos. Reviews. Price. Launch Strategy. PPC. Listings. They all MAKE or BREAK your success on Amazon… But What about Design? 

In this episode, I’m talking with Rebecca Ramos – A designer whose been with Viral Launch since the EARLY days. We’re breaking down what design means for you as a SELLER. What you need to know about Design in general, but also how to develop a great label design; how to create a great package design. We’ll touch on labels, packaging, enhanced brand content, essential aspects of design, and so much more. There’s a LOT to unpack here!

Contact Rebecca for your design needs (e-mail): [email protected]
Check out 99 Designs here:

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