Boost your Amazon product reviews and make fast cash… with emails?

February 16, 2017
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Reclaim lost product reviews and drive more clicks to your product.

Let’s start with the cold hard truth… something you don’t want to hear.

But it doesn’t change the facts.

Unless you’ve spent billions on branding (think Apple, Google, Under Armour, etc.) Amazon shoppers are unaware of your brand.

But buyers don’t care if they purchase from an unknown brand called ACME solutions… so long as the product works, they’re happy.

Customers want to find the best product and buy it.

But you have to make certain your Amazon product:

  • Ranks high on Amazon
  • Is good quality
  • Has great reviews

More reviews help drive clicks and conversions.

But even with a good product, things can turn disastrous.

My friend, let’s call him Alan, bought a vehicle cell phone adapter on Amazon.

Alan installed the adapter… and it broke within a few days.

He was furious and was about to leave a negative Amazon review… when he noticed an email from the seller asking if he was satisfied.

He was not, told them so, and received his replacement a couple days later.

What had happened is the seller received a bad batch of products.

Thanks to the emails, the seller resolved their customers issues.

Alan was grateful and wrote a positive review.

One simple mistake could have landed the seller a negative review… but they acted first and made it right.

This is how you get more reviews.

This is how you get more sales.

Without reviews you’re stuck in the land of minimal Amazon sales … groping in the dark.

An email follow up can greatly enhance your reviews and pump steroids into your sales.

So, here are some email follow up tips for more reviews.

1. The Subject Line Is King

This is the most important part of your email… and it’s the most vulnerable.

It’s like junk mail.

You sort through all your mail and pitch the junk without opening it… right into the trash.

The same goes for email.

Buyers can delete your email before opening it.

It’s why you have to craft a convincing subject line.

But please take time to write your subject line.

In print, the headline is what people read first; in email it’s the subject line – what buyers see in their inbox.

David Ogilvy said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.”

UpWorthy writers must create 25 different headlines before publishing their article.

Pull out your paper and start writing subject lines.

It doesn’t matter how bad they are, just start writing, and pick the one you believe will resonate with your audience.

email product review

2. Your Body?

I’ve seen this time and time again.

A seller emails a lengthy sob story about how they’re a small company that needs reviews for more sales.

Yeah, buyers don’t care… they don’t have a relationship with your brand.

You had the product they wanted and they bought it… that’s it.

Please remember, your customer’s time is valuable so make the email as easy to read as possible.

Keep it short and include the product image to jog their memory.

3. Does your Call To Action tickle their fancy?

  1. Does your email link to your review page?
  2. Do you include a colorful button that stands out from the rest of your email?
  3. Does your Call To Action (CTA) move buyers to leave a review?

Answer no to any of the above questions? You’ll receive low review rates.

But don’t fret, here are a couple good CTA examples:

  • Ask a simple question
    • What is your opinion?
  • Be direct
    • Leave your review here

4. Always Split Test

No matter the number of emails we’ve written for clients, we always A/B test emails to find the highest conversion.

Sometimes what we think should work, falls flat, and so we try something new.

Split test the subject line first to gain the highest open rate… then you can test the body to uncover the highest click-through rate.

5. Tools To Use

We’ve tested a multitude of Amazon email platforms, and our favorite, thus far, is Feedback Genius.

It allows you to target past buyers, and email customers based upon their specific product purchase (links to an ASIN).

6. Save Yourself Some Time

Yes, you can save yourself some time.

Instead of writing out all your emails, creating a CTA, linking your ASIN, and testing every email, we can do it all for you through Review Booster.

Start increasing your reviews today with Review Booster

Update: Since Amazon has started to slow down the communication between buyer and seller with their global blacklisting feature, we found it best to no longer offer Review Booster since the results are no longer as impressive as in the past. 

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