a graphic with the text 7 types of keywords to increase Amazon sales.

7 Types of Keywords to Increase Amazon Sales Conversion

March 20, 2023
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a graphic with the text 7 types of keywords to increase Amazon sales.

Amazon keywords are relevant to the Amazon search terms that the user types in Amazon’s search bar to look for a particular product or category. 

A keyword connects a customer to a related product they’re looking for. Thus, keywords and Amazon product listing optimization is vital. 

If you want to boost your e-commerce conversions, the right types of keywords and keyword research strategy can do wonders in increasing your sales and conversion. This can bring in loyal customers to your product listing. 

Now, let’s look at the seven types of keywords for keyword research to help you create the amazon keyword research strategy and boost your sales on the platform:

1. Niche Keywords

Niche keywords are one of the types of keywords that focus on a specific area of industry. Most of them are long-tailed keywords that have three or more words. An example would be “sustainable jacket.” It covers a clear and specific topic appealing to a specialized part of a given market. In this case, it’s sustainable clothing. 

Niche keywords usually have a lower search volume since they’re more specific, bringing in more site traffic. 

2. Brand Comparison Keywords

This type of keyword is used when users are serious about making a conversion but still weighing down options. Users that type commercial keywords on search are likely a step ahead of but not quite in the conversion phase, although close. 

For example, keywords like “Clearasil vs. Neutrogena facial cleanser” indicate the users are serious about buying but still exploring options for the best choice. To know more, check out this ultimate guide to optimizing listings using Amazon Keywords. 

3. Product-Specific Keywords

These keywords relate to the specific offerings of your brand. These are usually phrases or terms referring to the products and services of your company. That’s why you need to optimize your listings for particular keywords

You need to identify keywords for your services and products to allow your existing and prospective clients to find your products through search. For instance, you’ll likely get results from a reputable brand if you search for a “copier.” Whatever phrase that’s typed, you’ll come up with results that are offering these products and services in a particular industry. 

4. Long-tail Keywords

Sometimes, users use specific phrases when searching for a specific product or service. 

These keywords are made up of several words and are longer than the average keyword. These are known as long-tail keywords. A great example of a long tail keyword would be, “best running shoes for injured knees.” 

The graph below shows the benefit to using long-tail keywords. As the long-tail keyword gets longer two positive trends occur: lower competition and higher conversion rate.

5. Problem-solving Keywords

People who use these keywords want answers, not to be sold to. To target this particular audience, you must include who/what/when/where/why/how, and general phases. 

Let’s say you’re selling sporting goods. Examples of keywords might include “what are the current trends in the sporting goods industry?” 

6. Transactional keywords

These are often referred to as “do” keywords or the keywords buyers use when they have already decided they want to buy a specific product or service. Usually, buyers are at the conversation stage of the purchasing process. 

For instance, they might type, “buy hiking shoes online,” once they’re ready to buy. 

7. Seasonal Keywords

Seasonal keywords are keywords relating to seasons of the year. These keywords will usually have high traffic during certain times of the year, like people looking for “presents,” or “Christmas presents,” during Christmas. 

If you have information that shows your customers look up these products during a specific time of the year, then you need to put that information into good use. 

Over to You

So there you have it. By identifying the different types of keywords, we hope you can create a high-powered listing to win sales and profits in a highly competitive Amazon market. Good luck!

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