Business man sitting at his desk working to improve his Amazon PPC strategies.

Amazon PPC Trends: 7 Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

September 12, 2023
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Business man sitting at his desk working to improve his Amazon PPC strategies.

Did you know Amazon is the top pick for most Americans, beating out other e-commerce sites? Here are some shocking numbers that were uncovered in a recent study from Feedvisor:

  • 89% of consumers and 96% of current Prime members prefer buying products on Amazon over other e-commerce sites
  • Roughly 66% of consumers begin their search for new products on Amazon
  • When consumers are prepared to purchase a specific product, approximately 74% turn to Amazon
  • Roughly 73% of online shoppers who shop nearly every day have clicked on an Amazon product ad while browsing the internet, with 83% of them eventually making the purchase.
  • 60% of daily shoppers found these ads to be useful

Despite consumer loyalty to Amazon, are you still having a hard time selling your products? If you answered yes, then it is high time to explore Amazon PPC advertising. However, simply tailoring your Amazon PPC advertising to your strategy isn’t enough. In this dynamic landscape, staying ahead of Amazon PPC trends is essential to outpace competition. Keep reading as we’ll discuss the top 7 PPC trends you can’t ignore in 2023. 

What Is Amazon PPC Advertising?

Amazon PPC advertising is a comprehensive advertising and promotional system provided by Amazon. It enables you to strategically purchase and enhance various forms of advertisements within the Amazon marketplace. This multifaceted platform empowers you to competitively bid on keywords and rival product listings, formulate tailored advertising approaches, and execute an array of pay-per-click (PPC) campaign formats. 

The optimization of bids and the assessment of ad effectiveness are intricately tied to your Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), thereby affording you the capability to discern and leverage the most advantageous campaigns for your products.

7 Amazon PPC Trends You MUST NOT Ignore in 2023

A graphic with a laptop displaying trending ppc charts.

Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of Amazon PPC with these indispensable trends:

PPC Automation

In today’s PPC landscape, manual bidding falls short against the competition. Embracing PPC automation is the key to efficient ad management, pattern detection, and optimal suggestions. To maximize its potential, take a proactive approach to align algorithms with your goals and support their learning curve. 

If you are looking for a tool to use for PPC automation, Viral Launch’s Kinetic is an exceptional choice that streamlines and enhances your process. Kinetic is designed to streamline and optimize Pay-Per-Click campaigns by employing advanced algorithms and data-driven insights. By leveraging Kinetic’s capabilities, sellers can save time and effort while enhancing the efficiency of their advertising endeavors.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing AI within your PPC campaign empowers you to foresee forthcoming ad click-through rates, pinpoint optimal bids for maximizing traffic, and evaluate the probability of a customer’s conversion. Through a deep understanding of your audience’s behaviors, you can craft hyper-targeted advertisements that significantly elevate the efficacy of your PPC initiatives.

Boost your Amazon sales with LaunchGPT, the latest AI driven listing optimization tool. See why its trusted by sellers, brands, and agencies to enhance visibility and boost sales on Amazon.

Audience Targeting

Integrating audience targeting into your PPC approach provides the capability to fine-tune factors like demographics and interests that resonate with your target audience. For instance, if you’re marketing a new line of fitness apparel, you can customize your ads to reach fitness enthusiasts and individuals interested in active lifestyles. This will help maximize the relevance of your campaign. Audience targeting also allows you to exclude segments that might not align with your offerings, ensuring your ad budget is focused on the most promising prospects.

Voice search

Elevating your strategy can be accomplished by embracing a conversational tone on your product listings and ads, aligning with the rising trend of voice searches. To effectively cater to the preferences of voice search users, consider incorporating “long-tail” keywords into your product descriptions and updated FAQs. These keywords mimic the natural language that users employ when speaking their queries. Incorporating long-tail keywords increases the chances of your products being surfaced in voice search results. 

As voice-driven shopping gains momentum, it’s also prudent to craft your Amazon PPC ads with phrases like “available now” or “in stock,” using natural language. This approach not only enhances the relevance of your ads for voice search users but also positions your products as immediate solutions to their needs. By embracing question-oriented keywords that mirror how people ask questions verbally, you can further optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns for voice search. This helps to ensure that your advertising efforts remain aligned with this evolving trend and magnify their overall effectiveness in reaching and engaging target customers.

Visual search

Visual search revolutionizes the search process by using images instead of text queries. Imagine you spot a stylish chair in a friend’s living room – with visual search, you can snap a photo and instantly receive links to purchase it. In a world where speed matters, visual search streamlines results. Instead of typing “modern armchair with sleek design,” a photo suffices for swift and accurate outcomes. This shift in PPC marks a leap forward in user convenience, catering to the visual-first era.


Remarketing within PPC advertising involves displaying targeted ads to users after they’ve left your website, aiming to boost conversions. This strategy leverages familiarity and context to re-engage potential customers who might have shown interest but didn’t convert initially. By presenting relevant ads as they continue browsing elsewhere, remarketing efforts can keep your brand visible and nurtures engagement until users are more prepared to make a purchasing decision.

The effectiveness of remarketing lies in recognizing varying levels of user readiness. Some users might be close to converting, while others need more exposure. By tailoring ads to these different stages, remarketing maintains brand presence, builds trust, and increases the likelihood that users will choose your products or services when they’re ready to take the next step in their purchasing journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Maximize impact by combining PPC and SEO strategies. Doing so will elevate the performance of your PPC campaigns by grounding them in the content that attains the highest ranking, thus fueling an effective synergy between SEO and PPC. 

Begin by analyzing successful ad copy to shape your content, elevating your rankings. Harness the potential of long-tail terms to enhance both organic visibility and paid bidding strategies. Also, seamlessly integrate SEO insights to target competitors’ keywords through Auction Insights Reports and similar tools. Viral Launch offers a suite of optimization tools to help sellers increase their visibility and boost sales.

Final Thoughts 

The significance of embracing emerging trends cannot be overstated. It’s no longer merely a strategic choice but an essential step to secure your brand’s success and maintain its relevance. With consumer behaviors shifting, technology advancing, and competition intensifying, staying up to date with the latest PPC trends is the compass that guides businesses toward continued growth and increased visibility. Those who recognize the imperative to adapt will not only thrive but also lead the way in shaping the future of e-commerce.

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