Amazon Product Launch - Viral Launch Review

Amazon Seller Case Study: 3 Amazon Product Launches

August 11, 2017
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Amazon Product Launch - Viral Launch Review

A Viral Launch Review: 3 Amazon Product Launch Case Studies

“After one month of using Viral Launch’s Amazon product launch software, I went from $400K/month to $650K/month. My products are selling like crazy!!!” – Camilo | Amazon Seller

After running over 20,000 Amazon product launches and working with over 5,500 brands, the Viral Launch team has heard countless Amazon success stories.

Our favorite part about providing our Amazon seller solutions and services is hearing about how we are helping to transform businesses. And we are complete suckers for the dad who was able to quit his day job and spend more time with his kids or the hard-working seller who finally claimed the top spot on page 1 to hit that long-elusive revenue metric.  

Using a proven strategy to sell on Amazon has an enormous impact on sellers, their businesses, and their lives. We’re sharing case studies from a few of the many sellers who launched their Amazon businesses to success in this Viral Launch review.

Viral Launch Review: amazon seller case Studies

The following three brands all have one thing in common: they were searching for a way to increase Amazon sales. In this Viral Launch review, check out how they did just that through Viral Launch’s offerings.

Amazon Seller Case Study #1: Will and Tim

New Brand Leverages Viral Launch for Immediate Amazon Success – $85K/month

Summary: Will and Tim used Viral Launch’s creative services and launch platform for their new private-label brand. In 90 days, their performance was as follows: $85K/month in sales, a 30-40% conversion rate across all products, #1 ranking for top keywords, and #400 BSR in ALL Health and Personal Care.

Data from an Amazon seller case study that shows how a brand used Viral Launch for immediate Amazon success

Amazon Seller Case Study #2: Ben

Home Essentials Brand Boosts Revenue by 150% with Viral Launch – From $2M to $5M/year

Summary: Ben and his team started selling on Amazon in 2015. Faced with the challenge of increasing visibility for products buried in Amazon’s search results, Ben utilized Viral Launch’s promotional software in 2016 and has since increased annual revenue by 150%. With 20+ products launched, the brand is now on pace for $5M in revenue in 2017.

Graphic of a case study exemplifying how the Viral Launch Amazon seller software can help boost revenue

Amazon Seller Case Study #3: Camilo

From $400K to $650K/Month in One Month with Viral Launch

Summary: Camilo started his private-label FBA business in 2014. After finding it difficult to gain visibility for his products, Camilo ran promotions  through Viral Launch. In just one month, he went from $400K to $650K/month and is projected to sell over $7M in 2017.

An Amazon seller case study explaining the challenges faced by the seller and how Viral Launch helped after a month

Write Your Amazon Success Story

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established Amazon business, there is always opportunity for sales growth. A solid “how to sell on Amazon” approach involves:

  1. Sourcing a profitable product that will allow you to quickly scale, found through Amazon product research. Start by calculating your profit with an Amazon FBA calculator
  2. Setting up your listing for high clicks and conversions with stunning Amazon product photos and an optimized listing
  3. Gaining visibility with keyword ranking for your product’s high volume and high conversion keywords
  4. Gathering social proof with Amazon email follow-ups targeted for reviews and seller feedback

No matter where you’re hoping to take your Amazon business, Viral Launch would love to help you get there. We offer software, creative, and consulting services to help you source, launch, and dominate on Amazon.

Join Tim, Will, Ben, and Camilo and dominate your product markets on Amazon with Viral Launch!

There is no silver bullet to Amazon success. You need an arsenal. Viral Launch is that arsenal.

Tim, Will, Ben, and Camilo’s Viral Launch review: ★★★★★

Post: A Viral Launch Review: 3 Amazon Product Launch Case Studies

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