Strategic Clicks: PPC Precision, Retail Media, and ‘The Golden Rules’

January 12, 2024
Alex Swade special guest on The Seller's Edge Podcast.

In the recent podcast episode titled “Strategic Clicks: PPC Precision, Retail Media, and ‘The Golden Rules’,” Alex Swade, an expert in Amazon advertising from Thrasio, shared valuable insights on optimizing PPC campaigns, navigating retail media, and uncovering the elusive ‘golden rules’ in the dynamic world of e-commerce. A few key takeaways from the discussion include:

💪 Alex’s approach to Amazon ad strategy
🎯 The advantages of product attribution targeting
🛒 Changes in retail media
📈 The increase in CPC
🏆 And ‘The Golden Strategy’ that every seller is looking for.

Tune in and learn how someone who works with a massive portfolio of brands approaches strategy for Amazon ads. Watch the full episode now!

“Invest that time to think about what is my competitors doing? What is my keyword universe? How competitive is that universe?” (1:40)

Alex stresses the significance of investing time in strategic planning and competitor analysis. Understanding the keyword universe and assessing the competitive landscape are crucial for shaping effective marketing strategies.

“Come up with a decent plan on how many units do I want to sell per week? How much units can I expect to sell? What is the search query volume of my keyword set?” (3:01)

A well-defined product launch plan is essential. Alex recommends considering factors such as desired sales, search query volume, and the overall marketing spend to achieve optimal results during product launches.

“Amazon is very good at the moment at adding new functionalities and features for sellers, which seem to help sellers in the first place.” (6:42)

Amazon continuously introduces new functionalities and features for sellers, seemingly aimed at providing benefits. However, Alex highlights that some changes may lead to short-term challenges for advertisers in managing their spend efficiently.

“It’s a new feature which eventually seems to help advertisers to get more customers. But in the short term, currently it’s just adding more inefficient spend on the advertisers.” (12:30)

The podcast does into the dynamics of adapting to new advertising features on Amazon. While these features may ultimately benefit advertisers, there’s acknowledgment that they can initially add to inefficient spend.

 “It’s kind of an automatic campaign, so to say, but it offers much more flexibility because I’m feeling like I’m talking a little bit too long.”  (17:02)

Exploring product attribution targeting campaigns, Alex details their automatic nature with added flexibility. These campaigns offer advertisers the ability to target competitors and specific categories dynamically.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Increased competition is maybe a good thing because it pushes you, you as an advertiser towards a situation where you need to figure out how can I make it work.” (32:55)

Increasing CPCs are viewed not necessarily as a negative but as a challenge. Alex encourages advertisers to see competition as an opportunity, pushing them to innovate and strategize for efficient outcomes.

In summary, the episode provides a wealth of actionable insights for advertisers navigating the Amazon advertising landscape, from effective planning and product launches to understanding and adapting to the ever-evolving features and challenges. Don’t forget to subscribe to The sellers Edge Podcast for the latest episodes!


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