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Amazon FBA Hack: How To Find Products No One Is Selling

March 21, 2019
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amazon product research

Hack: How to Find Products No One is Selling

In today’s episode, Casey Gauss talks us through how to use a super simple strategy to find products and markets that are underserved and waiting to be tapped into. You might just be 3 simple steps away from finding your next golden opportunity! 

Casey also introduces Viral Launch’s New Search Volume Algorithm. Back in December, Amazon pushed a code change upgrading the technology behind some of their internal APIs. One of those APIs had been feeding a few software providers (including Viral Launch) with exact and broad match search volume, as well as product relevancy data. This change removed these metrics (search volume and relevance) from the API, leaving software providers without the ability to grab fresh search volume data directly from Amazon.  Viral Launch has spent the last few months working on a solution and we feel really great about our new search volume algorithm. 

If you haven’t yet, sign up for a free trial on our suite of software tools and start dominating Amazon today!

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