Dispelling Myths: Viral Launch Takes on Common Misconceptions in the FBA Community

December 21, 2017
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It can be difficult to find reliable information in the Amazon FBA community. Many sellers turn to forms and Facebook groups to find answers, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there. In the Dispelling Myths series, Viral Launch applies data, knowledge, and experience gathered from running over 28,000 product launches and working with over 6,500 brands to 4 of the most common myths among Amazon FBA sellers.

90% Off Promotions

Myth: 90% off promotions no longer work for boosting keyword ranking. Amazon can see when a purchase is far below the listed price and disregards these sales in its ranking consideration.

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Sales Velocity

Myth: Steadily increasing your sales over time is the best way to communicate to Amazon that your listing is gaining popularity and deserves a top slot on Page 1 of a search result page.

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Diversification on Other Platforms

Myth: Setting yourself up on other platforms like Walmart, Ebay, or Shopify is the best way to build your brand, pull in traffic, and ensure long-term success for your business.

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Fear of Suspension

Myth: Amazon could suspend you any day for any reason and enjoys picking on the little guy for no reason. Tread carefully because Amazon is suspension happy!

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