Solutions Across Continents: Global Expansion

January 4, 2024
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In the latest episode of “The Seller’s Edge,” host Jonathan D’Ambrosio delves into the intricacies of global expansion on Amazon with expert guest Ryan Cramer. The episode unfolds as a treasure trove of insights for sellers looking to tap into international markets.

Key Takeaways

What you can expect to to learn by tuning in, and much more.

  1. Global Vision: Aspire for international recognition and extend your market reach beyond local boundaries.
  2. Strategic Seasonality: Utilize inventory strategies to transform from a seasonal to a year-round presence in multiple markets.
  3. Cultural Adaptation: Understand and adapt to the cultural differences and holidays of international markets for effective selling.
  4. Compliance and Localization: Navigate the diverse compliance challenges and localize your offerings to resonate with different regional audiences.
  5. Amazon’s Global Support: Leverage Amazon’s resources, including global reviews and support teams, to facilitate your global expansion.

Understanding the Global Landscape (1:42)

Cramer emphasizes that a product’s journey is not confined to its starting point but can extend globally. He urges sellers to aspire for recognition beyond their local markets and draws inspiration from billion-dollar success stories like Zesty Paws, a pet supplement brand that exited for $600 million.

Thinking Beyond Borders (5:06)

The conversation urges sellers to think expansively about their products. Whether it’s a service, widget, or a tangible item, Cramer encourages sellers to envision how their offerings can become an integral part of daily lives across the world.

Seasonality and Global Complexity (13:49)

Cramer sheds light on the impact of seasonality on sales and introduces a unique strategy employed by successful Amazon sellers. By strategically distributing inventory across hemispheres, sellers transform from seasonal to year-round contributors in various markets.

Global Nuances (14:30)

The discussion takes a turn towards the intricacies of selling internationally. Cramer highlights the importance of understanding diverse holidays, cultural differences, and regional preferences. From Christmas in the US to Boxing Day in Canada, each market demands careful consideration.

Amazon’s Global Support (18:06)

Cramer reveals that Amazon has introduced global reviews, allowing sellers to leverage their reputation from one market to another. He emphasizes the significance of Amazon’s global sales team, encouraging sellers to respond to calls and emails, as they often bring valuable support, guidance, and even discounts.

Navigating Compliance Challenges (23:48)

The conversation touches on the compliance challenges sellers face when expanding globally. Different countries have distinct regulations, from product requirements to environmental protection standards. Cramer stresses the need to adapt products and strategies to meet these diverse criteria.

The Power of Localization (24:25)

Cramer emphasizes the importance of localization in all aspects of selling, from language and imagery to cultural nuances. He illustrates how global sellers need to tailor their listings to resonate with diverse customer profiles, considering everything from kitchen setups to family dynamics.

The Role of Programs in Global Expansion (32:48)

The episode concludes with a glimpse into Amazon’s efforts to simplify global expansion for sellers. Cramer highlights evolving programs designed to ease the complexities associated with selling across borders. He anticipates the emergence of new marketplaces, pointing to potential growth in South America and Africa.


In a dynamic and ever-expanding marketplace, the episode underscores the significance of embracing global opportunities. Cramer’s insights serve as a roadmap for sellers, offering practical tips and strategic approaches to navigate the complexities of international markets.


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