Amazon Competitor Tracking

To be successful on Amazon, you must monitor your top competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses.

Automate competitor tracking in just a few clicks with our software suite. Simply plug in an ASIN and see exactly how it’s performing to claim your competitive advantage.

Stay one step ahead with Amazon keyword tracking

Steal the Most Important Keywords

What if you could get a list of your competition’s top-performing and forgotten keywords? Viral Launch shows you exactly which keywords are driving the most sales and points out your opportunities for claiming market share.

Inform Your Ad Strategy

Break down your competition’s sponsored ads to see which keywords they’re bidding on and how aggressively they’re spending. Viral Launch reverse-engineers each move for you, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Stay Up-to-Date with Notifications

Get an email notification when a competitor’s keyword rank spikes, their price decreases, or their sponsored ad placement changes. Our platform keeps you updated on the products and keywords you want to watch.

Competitor-tracking features that give you the edge

  • Reverse-ASIN lookup
  • Best-seller detection
  • Suggested CPC bid
  • Keyword rank tracker
  • Keyword notifications
  • Deep product analysis
  • Sales, price, and reviews
  • Automated keyword discovery
  • Keyword search volumes
  • Index checker
  • Sponsored rank tracker
  • Hourly keyword tracking
  • Product compare
  • Product notifications

Viral Launch software tools for tracking competitors

Competitor Intelligence

Track your competitors’ changes

Competitor Intelligence reverse-engineers your competition’s success. With this advanced reverse-ASIN tool, you can track an ASIN’s keyword and sponsored ad movements. It also sends notifications for changes in keyword rank, sales, price, reviews, BSR, or buy box ownership.

Market Intelligence

Keep an eye on the competitive landscape

Market Intelligence, our market research tool, gives you unparalleled insights into what’s happening in a product market. From the Launchpad or the Chrome extension, you can keep an eye on the competitive landscape by viewing sales, price, and review trends.

Product Discovery

Reverse-engineer a brand’s success

Product Discovery helps you quickly find high-performing brands in your desired category. The Full Brand Analysis shows a brand’s overall performance, highlighting which specific products are driving their success so that you can replicate their achievements.

How to Track Your Competitors to Get an Edge

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How to Track and Monitor Your Top Competition on Amazon

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Top questions about Competitor Monitoring & Tracking

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Each tool has its own version of a free trial. Create your free account to try them all out for yourself!

Which package should I get?

If you want to figure out how successful products are driving sales, try out the Brand Builder package. This gives you access to all of our tools, and you'll have enough access to track multiple competitors!

Can I switch my tracked competitors at any time?

Yes, while you can only be actively tracking a specific number of competitors depending on your plan, you can switch them out at any time.

What does each competitor tracking tool do?

Competitor Intelligence is a supercharged reverse ASIN tool that shows you how top sellers are driving their success. Market Intelligence is a product research tool that reveals how products are performing at a bird's eye view. Product Discovery is a product finder that can be used to identify successful brands in your category.