Amazon Keyword Tracking

Tracking your product’s keyword ranking on Amazon is crucial to your success. And with an Amazon keyword tracker that monitors your competitors’ rankings, you stay ahead of the curve.

Viral Launch helps you track your most important sales-driving keywords and sponsored ad placements daily (and even hourly!), including sending notifications when a keyword’s rank changes.

Stay ahead of the curve with Amazon product rank tracking

Understand Digital Shelf Mapping™

What if you could see where you all of your ads are displaying on Amazon? Viral Launch tracks thousands of keywords for your products, so that you always know exactly how shoppers are finding your products in organic and sponsored search results. We call this Digital Shelf Mapping™.

Get Notifications for Rank Changes

Receive an email alert when your most important keywords drop or increase in ranking so you can take immediate action.

Track Your Competition

Reverse-engineer your competitors’ keyword strategies for organic SEO and sponsored ads. Viral Launch gives you the power to track your competition with precision and monitor every important move.

Amazon keyword tracking features that give you the edge

  • Organic keyword rank tracking
  • Competitor organic search results tracking
  • Daily monitoring
  • Digital Shelf Mapping™
  • BSR-to-ranking comparison
  • Sponsored ad position tracking
  • Competitor-sponsored ad tracking
  • Hourly tracking
  • Historical rank data included on first use
  • Index checker

Viral Launch software tools for keyword tracking

Keyword Manager

Track your product’s keywords

Keyword Manager is the hub for your product’s most important keyword information. Our Amazon keyword tracker shows which keywords your product is indexed for, where your product is ranking, where your sponsored ads are displaying, and more.

Competitor Intelligence

Track your competitor’s keywords

Competitor Intelligence reverse-engineers your competitor’s success by showing you which keywords they are ranking for, as well as which keywords they are running sponsored ads on. The tool also sends you email notifications when a keyword’s ranking changes.

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Top Questions About Keyword Tracking

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Each tool has its own version of a free trial. Create your free account to try them all out for yourself!

How many keywords can I track?

This depends on which package you get. Take a look at the pricing table above, and look specifically at Keyword Manager (track your own keywords) and Competitor Intelligence (track any ASIN's keywords).

What package should I get?

Depending on how many keywords you want to track, we recommend trying our Brand Builder or Data Hunter package. Both of these give you access to all of our software tools. Data Hunter provides our highest level of tracking, so that you won't have to worry about hitting your tracking ceiling.

What information do I get when I track a keyword?

Our tracking tools give you more information than you'll find with any other tool! By tracking a keyword, you'll see if it's used in the listing, if it's indexed, where it's ranking organically (past and present), where it's ranking with sponsored ads (past and present), and you can even setup email notifications to be alerted when a change in rank occurs.