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You want help knowing how to grow your private label business, our expert coaches have extensive experience helping new sellers grow to wealthy brands and experience helping big sellers expand and dominate their market.

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What Customers Are Saying About Our Coaches

Coach: Andrew F | Client: S.A.

" Great job Andrew and more power to Viral Launch. I would never launch another product without it. You guys are awesome !!! You will hear from me again once I am ready to launch my next products"

Coach: Lindsey T | Client: Anonymous

" I just want to thank you for all your help and being there for me when I needed advice, you where so quick respond that helped me so much and it really means a lot to me. Thank you sooo much Lindsey! God bless you, I wish you happiness, good health,wealth and the very best in everything you do!. I will definitely continue using your services."

Coach: Allysha | Client: Erez

" It was a true pleasure working with Viral Launch's Account Executives they took the time and effort to explain and walk us through the launching process, they gave us a complete launching plan and assisted in every question we had on the way. They delivered above expectations and really gave us the feeling we have a"home" for launching our products!"

This Isn't Your Average 'Seller Coach'...This Is WAAAYY More

What Amazon coach has access to launch data from over 10,000 product launches?

What Amazon coach has access to listing, design, photography, and keyword experts responsible for building some of the largest private label brands on Amazon?

What Amazon coach has access to a powerful launching platform responsible for helping thousands of Amazon sellers grow their businesses?

Our coaching service is not one of theory and concept. Our coaches are not here to give you a “expert strategy” and leave you high and dry to figure out how to execute that “expert strategy” on your own.

Our coaches are genuine guys and girls with extensive experience helping sellers grow their businesses by helping to build a strategy to success and walking alongside the client through the precise execution of that strategy.

Our goal is your success!

How Our Coaches Help You

How Our Expert Amazon Coaches Help You Achieve Success

Analysis: We get to know you and your business to understand where you are at and what your goals are as an entrepreneur. What does your team look like? What resources do you have available? What kind of business are you looking to build? What does success look like to you?

Strategy: There are essential principles to achieving success on Amazon. Your seller coach leverages their vast array of data and experience to build a killer strategy outlining the necessary path to success based on how you and your business define success. The coach takes all of the information gathered in the Analysis stage to make sure you have a plan of attack that fits you and your business perfectly.

Execution: This is where things get fun. In this stage your coach comes along side you to properly execute each step of your strategy. Your coach is extremely knowledgeable of the best tools available to sellers to help you work through each step of your strategy. Whether you use Viral Launch’s services or not, your coach will help you along your path to success.

Success: Our focus is on your growth and success. Your coach is in it for the long run. They are not here to simply help you check the boxes in your strategy’s to-do list, and then run off. Your coach will help you execute each step precisely, making calculated decisions targeted to helping you achieve success. Your coach is onboard until you are happy with your sales and your results.

See What Clients Are Saying
    If you are..

  • Stuck: Having a hard time increasing your sales.

  • Confused: Not sure why your listing is not: converting, driving clicks, seeing sessions, ranking, getting reviews.

  • Lost: Not sure if your product idea is going to be lucrative. Not sure how to build a beautiful product and high converting listing. Not sure how to achieve ranking. Not sure what tools you need. Not sure what is rumors and what is truth.

  • Tired: Tired of not hitting your sales goals. Tired with your current pace of growth (or decline).

  • Ambitious & Ready: Ready to get on the fast track to success. Ready to have you and your business whipped into money making shape. Ready to take your business and sales to whole other level!

If any one of these describe you, it's time to consider getting a coach!

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Happy Clients

Real customers, real results.

What We Offer

What You Get From Viral Launch's Amazon Private Label Coaches

Methodically Developed Strategy To Success

Your seller coach will sit down with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to success for you moving forward. We look at all aspects of your product and market to ensure your listing is setup to dominate.

Guided Execution

Your coach won't simply hand you the strategy guide and walk away. They are here day in and day out to walk you through the entire product launch cycle if need be.

Responsive Communication

Your coach is a full-time dedicated coach, meaning their time is reserved for you!

Genuine Intentions

The goal is to help you achieve success and to become a better seller. Period.

Experienced Experts

Each client has extensive experience working with hundreds of sellers within a huge variety of products. Our executives know what success looks like and they will make sure you get there.

A Nudging Coach!

Your coach is going to push you and encourage you to be your best! Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone helps you and our businesses grow! Your coach is here to help you achieve success and they are not going to stop until it is done.


Expert Amazon Coaching

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  • Methodically Developed Strategy To Success
  • Guided Execution
  • Responsive Communication
  • Genuine Intentions
  • Experienced Experts
  • A Nudging Coach!
  • Well Equipped Professional
  • Amazon Insider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I have to use a seller coach?

A Not at all! You are welcome to use all of our services without a seller coach. Our seller coaches are here to walk you though the process of making an awesome listing for your Amazon product. If you don’t know where to start, don’t know what’s going wrong, or just want a second opinion, then our coaches are for you!

Q What is included in the free initial analysis?

A One of our Seller Coaches will provide a document analyzing your current listing, including your photos, copy, reviews, and use of keywords. The Seller Coach will outline where you’re at, as far as keyword ranking and current sales. Then, they’ll outline where you could be ranking through a VL product launch, along with the sales you could expect to see on page one for a couple of target keywords.