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The Most Effective Amazon Approved Review Strategy

Accelerate your growth on Amazon by significantly improving your review rate

Reviews are the life blood of a successful Amazon business. The better your strategy for getting verified reviews, the more successful your Amazon business will be. Review Automation gets Amazon to follow up with your customers on your behalf to request a review. It's TOS compliant, effortless to use, and up to 5 times more effective than traditional email follow ups.

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Your competitive advantage.

Increase Review Rates By 5X+

Some sellers have reported seeing their review rate increase by over 5X with this new review strategy.

Make new product launches more effective by increasing your product's social proof faster.

TOS Compliant Strategy

Gone are the days of worrying whether or not your review strategy is TOS compliant.

Review Automation simply asks Amazon to request a review from your buyers and makes it much easier to do so.

Save Time

With just a couple of clicks each week, Review Automation does all the hard work for you. 

No more wasted time with email copywriting or sequence setup and monitoring, we've automated it all for you.

Make Reviews Part of your Competitive Advantage on Amazon

  • Significantly Increase Review Rates
  • Amazon Requests a Review on your Behalf
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Amazon Compliant Review Strategy
  • Two Click Install
  • Easy to Use
Use For Product Launches

Quickly launch new products to success by gaining initial reviews fast.

Use for Staying Ahead

Social proof has significant impact on customers' buying decisions, get ahead in reviews and stay ahead of your competitors.

Save time

Take advantage of powerful review requesting functionality in seller central without spending hours sifting through orders.

Top questions about Review Automation

Is Review Automation TOS Compliant?

Absolutely. Amazon has recently released a new feature allowing sellers to request a review from shoppers within the Orders tab of Seller Central between 4-30 days after the delivery date. This process can be done manually but is long and tedious. Review Automation simply automates the process of asking Amazon to request a review for each order. 

Do I need to provide copy or language for Amazon to use in the review request?

No. Amazon uses a standard email that is the same for each review request. This review request allows the customer to simply leave a rating (star rating) for the product, or leave a review containing text/media as well. 

How does Review Automation actually automate this process?

Through the Viral Launch Chrome Extension, when visiting the Orders tab of Seller Central, you will be offered to have Review Automation begin requesting reviews for you. You are able to request an individual review, or have Review Automation request a large quantity all at once saving you significant time!