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Validate Sourcing Ideas

Only source money makers with Market Intelligence 5-star validation of your product ideas. Using a custom, complex algorithm to analyze dozens of in-house rules we’ve built up from thousands of Amazon product launches, Market Intelligence rates your product idea on a simple 5-star scale.

See Accurate Sales Estimates

Market Intelligence updates the BSR-to-sales mapping algorithm daily, allowing our calculation to accurately reflect the natural market trends. Our tool accounts for the vast fluctuations in BSR for increased accuracy.

Understand Market Trends

Find out where a market has been and where it is going with Market Intelligence historical data. Leverage information about market trends to take advantage of profitable opportunities.

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Saving You Thousands. Making You Tens of Thousands

Sourcing a bad or even mediocre product can cost you thousands of dollars, but finding the right product at the right time can be like finding a gold mine. Don't be fooled by other sourcing tools that only show you a snapshot of current product data. Viral Launch Market Intelligence combines years of historical data to accurately predict your product's future success.

Research Rigorously

Uncover the history of your product market, look at market trends, and understand future predictions

Validate Quickly

Immediately determine if a product market is a good fit for your business, and avoid wasting time and money researching dead-end products

Source Confidently

Source your next product without hesitation with the confirmation of our expert analysis and massive amounts of data

The Ultimate Amazon Product Research Tool

  •   Validates Product Ideas
  •   Leverages Historical Data and Identifies Trends
  •   World's Most Accurate Sales Estimation Algorithm
  •   Composite Estimate v. Snapshot Analysis
  •   Shows Accurate Sales Estimates for Top BSRs
  •   Estimates ROI Ratio
  •   Offers Warnings and Tips about Specific Markets
  •   Displays Seasonal Trend Analysis
  •   Works on Mobile

The people have spoken. And they love it.

Market Intelligence is an awesome tool every Amazon seller should be using. The tool has made our selection process more efficient and much more sophisticated - thus saving my team a lot of time while improving the quality of our work. This allows us to focus on building our Amazon business while avoiding potentially costly product selection mistakes. I wish this tool was available a year ago!

Kuda B.

The new Market Intelligence is an amazing tool to bounce off ideas regarding any potential products. It allows me to validate my ideas and get instant feedback. It is an in-depth look at what the product and product category look like.

Paul D.

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