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Rarely do customers look past page 1. Don’t let your product get lost in the crowd. Run a promotional giveaway and increase your product’s visibility on the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform.

"I am incredibly happy with Viral Launch. I am on day 5 of 7 and above the promotional sales each day I am doing between 38 and 43 organic sales per day! This is wonderful!" - Happy Customer

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Drive Exposure

Get your product in front of an exclusive group of over 200,000 Amazon shoppers!

Drive Sales History

Keyword ranking on Amazon is determined by sales history. Increase and strengthen your sales history to improve keyword ranking on Amazon.

Rise Above the Competition

Out-pace, out-rank, and out-sell your competition by driving promotional sales!

What Is a Launch?

A launch is a deeply discounted promotional giveaway used to increase your sales, and further, your keyword ranking on Amazon allowing you to capture more impressions, clicks, and sales. Leverage our powerful platform to beat out the competition!


Master Package

$1750/ Month

  • Unlimited Promotions For Up to 12 Products
  • Schedule Up to 90 Day Promotions
  • Real-Time Giveaway Stats
  • Next-Day Expedited Scheduling
  • One-Time-Use Coupons
  • Target Up To 4 Keywords
  • Extremely Helpful Customer Service
  • Free Access To Expert Seller Coaches
  • Free Access to All Premium Features
  • Add 3 Additional Products for $400/month Every 3
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Viral Subscription

$350/ Month

  • Unlimited Promotions For One Product
  • Schedule Up to 90 Day Promotions
  • Real-Time Giveaway Stats
  • Next-Day Expedited Scheduling
  • One-Time-Use Coupons
  • Target Up To 4 Keywords
  • Extremely Helpful Customer Service
  • Free Access To Expert Seller Coaches
  • Free Access to All Premium Features
  • Add Additional Products for $200/month Each
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Uber Launch

$300/ One-Time

  • One-Time Launch
  • Schedule Up to 15 Day Promotion
  • Real-Time Giveaway Stats
  • Next-Day Expedited Scheduling
  • One-Time-Use Coupons
  • Target Up To 4 Keywords
  • Extremely Helpful Customer Service
  • Free Access To Expert Seller Coaches
  • Free Access to All Premium Features
  • Add products for $200/month
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Launch Your Product to Success with the Help of an Expert Amazon Coach

Expert seller coaches are here to help you in every step of your Amazon seller journey. Here's how:

Analysis: We get to know you and your business to understand where you are at and what your goals are as an entrepreneur. What does your team look like? What resources do you have available? What kind of business are you looking to build? What does success look like to you?

Strategy: There are essential principles to achieving success on Amazon. Your seller coach leverages their vast array of data and experience to build a killer strategy outlining the necessary path to success based on how you and your business define success. The coach takes all of the information gathered in the Analysis stage to make sure you have a plan of attack that fits you and your business perfectly.

Execution: This is where things get fun. In this stage your coach comes along side you to properly execute each step of your strategy. Your coach is extremely knowledgeable of the best tools available to sellers to help you work through each step of your strategy.

Whether you use Viral Launch’s services or not, your coach will help you along your path to success!

Success: Our focus is on your growth and success. Your coach is in it for the long run. They are not here to simply help you check the boxes in your strategy’s to-do list, and then run off. Your coach will help you execute each step precisely, making calculated decisions targeted to helping you achieve success. Your coach is onboard until you are happy with your sales and your results.

Speak With A Coach
    If you are..

  • Stuck: Having a hard time increasing your sales.

  • Confused: Not sure why your listing is not: converting, driving clicks, seeing sessions, ranking, getting reviews.

  • Lost: Not sure if your product idea is going to be lucrative. Not sure how to build a beautiful product and high converting listing. Not sure how to achieve ranking. Not sure what tools you need. Not sure what is rumors and what is truth.

  • Tired: Tired of not hitting your sales goals. Tired with your current pace of growth (or decline).

  • Ambitious & Ready: Ready to get on the fast track to success. Ready to have you and your business whipped into money making shape. Ready to take your business and sales to whole other level!

If any one of these describe you, it's time to consider getting a coach!

What Amazon Sellers Are Saying About Our Launching Service

Coach: Lindsey T | Client: Andy

"We had a great experience working with Viral-Launch and we look forward to continuing to use Viral Launch as an ally as we grow our brand presence on Amazon. Lindsey was extremely helpful in getting our launch set up and answering all of our questions. Amazon's rules are very complicated and working with Viral Launch has given us additional peace of mind. If you are interested in improving your ranking on Amazon in a compliant, ethical, and effective way, check out Viral Launch."

Coach: Allysha | Client: Elana

"I would recommend Viral Launch to any serious Amazon seller. Their services provide a unique opportunity to help launch your product and build your brand. Their account executives are knowledgable and resourceful and will help you target the appropriate keywords and work with you on a strategy to make your launch successful. I not only recommend Viral Launch to all of my clients, I use them for my own brands as well."

Coach: Rebecca | Client: Trish S.

"As an Amazon Seller, we have struggled with getting enough of a consistent giveaway boost in sales to get the velocity needed to stay on page one. Viral-Launch has been the answer to this piece of the puzzle for our company. We knew after our very first launch with them that this was a part of our business strategy that would be vital for achieving our sales goals. Having a dedicated account executive is the cherry on top of the pie! Best decision we have made for our business in 2016! "

Coach: Andrew F | Client: D.T.

"Both KWs have improved significantly and this has resulted in increased traffic and sales. You've obviously got one more happy customer- :)"

Coach: Allysha | Client: Tara

"Viral Launch lives up to its promise! At first my goal was to get more reviews for my product by "giving product away." The very day I signed up with Viral Launch for a one-time launch, Amazon announced its new policy regarding "paid reviews." The seller coaches at VL (Allysha and Rebecca) assured me that I should not panic and that the focus will be on improving the keyword ranking to help drive sales. True to their word, within a week, my product moved from page 8 to page 1 for my major keyword search; organic sales went from 4 items a week to 3 per day ( . . . and still increasing). Testimonials and feedback from buyers jumped from 12 to 32 in just a few days after the end of the launch. New testimonials are being posted at the time of this writing. Of course I will need to sustain this momentum; Viral Launch is well worth the investment. I will definitely use them again when I'm ready to launch a new product."

Coach: Lindsey T | Client: Paul

"Lindsey is awesome, super, super helpful. We had a great experience working with Viral Launch to help two new products gain more traction through sales and brand awareness. I have since recommended both Viral Launch as a platform, and Lindsey as a customer-service agent since she was both helpful, and extremely knowledgeable about both Amazon and the Viral launch product. Since this was our first time using Viral Launch, I kinda screwed up our launches twice actually before they started. I both called and emailed Lindsey on those occasions and she was super speedy to respond and resolve my bone-headedness quickly."

What Determine's Keyword Ranking On Amazon

Why are the top sellers in your market at the top? The largest attributing factor to ranking in Amazon's organic search comes down to two words: sales history.

The stronger your sales for the last 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, month, 2 months, year, and beyond all play a major role in Amazon determining where your product lies in ranking when a prospective customer runs a product search.

The key to outselling the competition is out ranking them for every keyword!

How To Increase Ranking

How Viral Launch Helps You Improve Your Product's Keyword Rankings

To increase keyword ranking, you need sales! Viral Launch helps you drive highly targeted discounted sales directly to your product allowing you to build the sales history your product needs to land on page 1 for any given term. How does it work exactly?

It's as simple as that! You need sales in order to achieve keyword ranking to drive organic sales. We've leveraged our simple process thousands of times to help our clients achieve keyword ranking for many tens of thousands of keywords.

So how quickly can you see results? It is entirely dependent on your launch strategy, but Amazon's A9 Algorithm takes between 48 hours and five days to start attributing keyword ranking. The majority of sucessful launches will find themselves ranking after just a few days!

See Case Studies
    The Viral Launch Process
  • 1) Add Your Product: Quickly add your product into the Viral Launch system.

  • 2) Develop A Strategy: Work with one of our Amazon Seller Coaches to develop a launch strategy based on data from over 18,000 launches to help ensure your product launch is a success.

  • 3) Schedule your promotion: With our easy-to-use launch form, you tell the system the number of units you wish to give, the duration, finally upload your Amazon claim codes and press 'Launch'

  • 4) Build Your Sales History: Each day, our sophisticated system will automatically release only the number of coupons you specify to our discount-hungry list of buyers.

  • 5) Increase In Rank & Watch The Sales Come In: As you continue to build sales history, Amazon's A9 ranking algorithm will reward your listing with keyword ranking.

Get A Free Analysis!

Get a FREE analysis of your product's keyword ranking and an overview of how we can help improve your sales by taking your ranking to the next level!

Launch Techniques & Results

Here are our top of the line launch techniques as well as some screen grabs of graphs from our internal rank tracking tool, to show you just how effective our product launches can be at driving keyword ranking and increasing sales! When leveraged correctly, there is nothing like it!

The Supernova is Viral Launch's premier promotional strategy and the best resulting launching technique in the market. Derived from extensive research and meticulous testing, the Supernova is the perfect launching technique for nearly any circumstance. A Supernova launch looks something like: Day 1: 40/units, Day 2: 30/units, Day 3: 20/units, Day 4: 20/units, Day 5: 20/units, Day 6: 30 Day 7: 40/units. The logic behind this technique is to start big, perpetuate sales to build a sales history, then end with a bang allowing your launch results to sustain beyond the promotion. The goal is to outsell page 1 competitors the first two days, approximately match sales in the middle, and end with a bang outselling competitors as much as possible. As with all launches, the number of units to give per day is dependent on your page one competitor's sales.

Here is a Supernova Launch run in the beauty category targeting a highly competitive keyword. We were able to take this product from ranking #500+ all the way to #4 of page 1 in just one week!

The Multiday Launch is our standard launch technique which is simple yet effective. There is nothing tricky or complex about it. You let us know how many units you want to give over what time frame, and we will send out the specific amount each day. Amazon loves consistency. Your top competitors are seeing consistent sales (as consistent as sales can be) each day. If you want to prove to Amazon that your product deserves to be ranking among the best, then consistent promotions are a powerhouse.

This is a launch for an insanely competitive and high-volume keyword in the supplement space. Leveraging the power of the multi-day launch, we were able to push this listing to #1!!

The Maintenance Launch is just as its name precedes. This launch technique allows the maintenance of promotional effects while minimizing the number of products given at a discounted price. It is best to run this launch immediately following a larger promotion. The Maintenance launch consists of giving a small quantity of units each day over an extended duration. For example giving 10 units each day for the course of a month.

Here is a launch for a mid-volume supplement, that ranked to page 1 quickly with a multi-day launch, but started to slide back in rank soon after the launch ended. The seller immediately started a healthy Maintenance launch, which helped push the product up to #2 where it has sat for nearly the last two months.

In a blog post, we talked about about how heavily Amazon is weighting the keyword content within a product's listing. We mention that if a listing is optimized correctly, it provides you the opportunity to rank for many many keywords in a single launch. The below graph is from a mid-to-high volume supplement in which the seller was only targeting one keyword, but because they had an optimized listing, they ended up hitting page 1 for over 10 keywords!

The below launch is to help illustrate that its not uncommon for us to see a seller "stick" the landing after just a single launch. This launch is from a very competitive product in the electronic space. He went from beyond a keyword ranking of #500 to #2 in a matter of a few days and has remained there ever since!

What We Offer

Why Viral Launch's Service Is Unmatched

Drive Unlimited Sales At Will

With each package, you are able to give as many coupons as you need to achieve success! No paying extra for large promotions!

Build A Powerful Sales History

Our intuitive scheduling system allows you to schedule campaigns from 1 to 90 days allowing you to build the sales history you need to achieve keyword ranking!

Expedited Scheduling

As long as your launches are properly scheduled by 5pm PST, your launch will go out the next day!

Super Hero Customer Service!

Your emails are handled within hours (during business hours), and are handled by highly trained Amazon coaches with access to over a billion points of launch data! Not to mention they are incredibly friendly!

Target Keyword Ranking Not BSR Boosts

Some services focus on decreasing your BSR. An improved BSR does not help you increase organic sales! We focus on helping you increase your ranking in organic search to help you increase your organic sales!

Target Up To 4 Keywords!

While we suggest targeting one keyword at a time, our system will help you prepare your launch and listing for keyword ranking improvement of up to 4 keywords!

Real Time Launch Stats

Watch real time campaign stats to help you stay on top of your launch!

Set & Forget

With our intuitive and easy to use platform, you can setup a promotion in a matter of minutes, and we handle the rest! We will distribute your promotion codes precisiely each day, driving waves of discounted sales with no work on your part.

Premium Features At No Extra Cost:

Keyword Tracking

In our quest to understand Amazon's A9 Algorithm, we&apo;ll track the keyword ranking of prime keywords related to your product's listing we believe will see movement in addition to your targeted keyword(s). We will beautifully graph and track the keyword ranking throughout your launch history.

Advanced Granular Scheduling

Our advanced scheduling system allows you to completely customize your launch strategy at no extra cost! Want to run a wave, pulse, or super nova launch? You're in complete control!

Amazon Expert Seller & Launch Coaching

We have a team of highly trained Amazon experts with experience launching hundreds of products each, working with sellers ranging from 4 figures a month to 7 figures a month, and have access to a billion points of launch data. They'll help you achieve success in every aspect of selling on Amazon!

Subscription Features:

Unlimted Launches Per Product

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to run as many promotions per month as you need at no extra cost per product. The average seller runs 2.15 launches per product. We require just a one month minimum per product.

Additional Products = Additional Savings

Having more than one product allows you to save big per product! Save $150 on each active product after 1.

Viral Launch Flight Crew

Join the Viral Launch Flight Crew to launch all of your products for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will my product "stick" on page 1?

A The question is not, will a listing stick, it is will the listing sell. Sales drive keyword ranking. If your product is not selling, it will not maintain a page 1 ranking. If your listing converts and people want to buy your product, then yes you will stick page one rankings very well. We suggest working with one of our Amazon seller coaches to prepare your listing to convert well once it is ranking! It may also be appropriate to run a maintenance launch to help supplement sales.

Q What keyword should I target and how many units do I need to give to rank page one?

A The answer to this question is very dynamic. As a seller, you always want to rank for the most relevant keywords possible. Oftentimes, the most relevant keywords are also the most competitive; meaning a larger giveaway is necessary in order to achieve that coveted page one ranking. To make this dream a reality, our Account Executive team performs keyword research based on your product in relation to the market, conversion data, and also takes into account your unit giveaway threshold.

Our Account Executive team has experience launching thousands of products and will always do what it takes to make your product successful. We will craft the optimum launch strategy specifically catered to your product and your needs as a business owner.

Q Will giveaways also earn me reviews?

A Yes. While Viral Launch is not a review service, reviews are a byproduct of the promotional giveaways. Unlike most review groups we do not require or incentivize our user base to leave reaviews as we see this as a violation of Amazon&apo;s Terms of Service. Sellers can expect to anywhere from 10-40% review rates from their launches. Due to Amazon's strict guidelines we work to stay as clean as possible in this space.

Q Am I guaranteed to reach page one for my targeted keyword?

A While results are not guaranteed, our Account Executive team can offer a custom launch strategy specific to your product and the market you are selling in based on the sales of your competitors as well as data from over 10,000 previous successful launches through Viral Launch. You can contact our Account Executive team at to receive a custom launch strategy and product consultation.