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After running 11,000+ product launches and building listings that combined drive over $100 million per year in sales on Amazon, we are able to build the best Amazon product listings in the market! A precisely optimized listing can mean thousands of dollars more in sales. It's time to upgrade your Amazon business now!

"It's an excellent value. We could spend weeks doing that and not do it as well. It allows us to delegate and narrow our focus. Excellent service and we look forward to future business." - Anonymous

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Increase Conversion Rate

We know how to sell products. Our copywriters use beautiful sales-inducing language to convert on-page visitors into buyers.

Marriage of Sales & Keywords

Our listings contain a perfect balance of sales-inducing language and precise keyword implementation.

Keyword Ranking

Amazon heavily weights the keywords in your product listing's title, bullet points, description, and search terms. We craft each aspect of your listing to optimize rankings in organic search.

Why An Optimized Product Listing Is So Important on Amazon

A precisely optimized listing helps you make more money in two ways.

Maximize Potential Keyword Exposure: The majority of purchases on Amazon begin with a customer search. The more keywords your listing is indexed for, the more searches your listing can rank in the search results for. The more keywords your listing ranks for, and the better your listing ranks in organic search, the more sales you'll see!

Drive Conversions: How many potential customers are visiting your product's detail page but aren't buying? Even a small increase in your conversion rate can mean a difference of thousands of dollars over time. A well optimized listing tunes into your customer demographic to help accentuate each aspect of your product's offering in a way that drives them to BUY!

How To Increase Ranking

How Viral Launch Helps You Improve Your Product's Keyword Rankings & Conversion Rate

After running over 11,000 product launches, we understand how a listing's keyword placement impacts your keyword ranking in the organic search results.

Our expert Amazon copywriters brilliantly marry sales inducing language with your optimum keywords, designed to both maximize your Amazon listing's potential keyword exposure and on-page conversion rate.

What Is Included?
    The Viral Launch Process
  • 1) Product & Demographic Research: Our expert copywriters dive into your product to understand your market, what your customers needs are, and how your widget satisfies their needs.

  • 2) Keyword Research: Here is where our experts get to know how your product fits within the context of Amazon's A9 search algorithm. Using various software tools, Amazon Sponsored Ads data, and market research we develop a comprehensive keyword arsenal.

  • 3) Building A Powerful Title: Your Amazon detail page's title is absolutely crucial to how Amazon indexes your product for keywords. We build a powerful title that allows you to rank for an incredible variety of customer search terms.

  • 4) Crafting Content: Despite common belief, your product's bullets and description are all indxed for keyword exposure. We use these areas to accentuate your product's key selling points while increasing keyword density.

  • 5) Develop Prime Search Terms: We provide you with a complete and extensive list of backend search terms for your product.

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What You Get With A Viral Launch Listing Optimization and Product Presentation Analysis

Product Presentation & Brand Analysis

Our branding expert puts together a comprehensive analysis of your listing's aesthetics and brand identity. You'll understand exactly how customers perceive and experience your product and how that is effecting your sales.

Proven Experts

Your listing is crafted by expert copywriters responsible for writing listing's whose sales combine for over $100 million per year on Amazon.

Powerful Product Title

Your product's title is the first piece of content potential customers interact with. We build you a powerful title designed to maximize keyword exposure and conversion.

Precisely Crafted Bullet Points

You receive a precisely crafted set of bullet points designed to beautifully accentuate your product's key selling points, while contributing to increasing keyword exposure within organic search results.

Comprehensive Product Description

Our copywriters leverage your Amazon listing's product description to increase your product's keyword exposure while simultaneously helping potential customers understand your brand and exactly why they should purchase your widget.

Extensive Keyword Report

We put together an extensive keyword report of your most relevant search terms along with estimated search volume for each term.

Thorough Backend Search Terms

We provide a thorough search term suggestion to be placed in your backend search term fields within Seller Central. Most sellers get these wrong, we show you how to get them right!


Optimization & Branding Consultation


  • Optimized Product Title
  • Optimized "About the Product" (Bullet Points)
  • Optimized Product Description
  • Suggested Backend Search Term Submission
  • Conference Call With Our Branding Expert
  • Content Designed to Drive Clicks & Ranking
  • Product Presentation & Brand Analysis
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Listing Optimization


  • Optimized Product Title
  • Optimized "About the Product" (Bullet Points)
  • Optimized Product Description
  • Suggested Backend Search Term Submission
  • Conference Call With Our Branding Expert
  • Content Designed to Drive Clicks & Ranking
  • Product Presentation & Brand Analysis
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Title Curation


  • Optimized Product Title
  • Optimized "About the Product" (Bullet Points)
  • Optimized Product Description
  • Suggested Backend Search Term Submission
  • Conference Call With Our Branding Expert
  • Content Designed to Drive Clicks & Ranking
  • Product Presentation & Brand Analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How does Viral Launch know which keywords to include in my listing copy?

A We use data collected from our 11,000+ product launches, during our research into your product, the market, and your competitors as well as the use of third-party tools to determine keywords most relevant to your product. We also search for long and short tail keywords that can offer the benefit of both brand positioning and organic search reach.

Q Why should I use Viral Launch in building my listing as opposed to writing it myself?

A Decent copy does not work in the ultra competitive market Amazon is today. Even Steve Jobs, a great business mind did not write Apple's sales copy. He left it to his expert staff of marketers and branders. We are sure you are intelligent and competent enough to write decent copy, but the experience and skill of our experts allow you to employ an industry leading product listing which is necessary to getting ahead of the competition.

Q When will I see my keywords indexed after implementing a new listing?

A Keyword indexing can take as little as a few minutes and as much as 48 hours. Generally within a few hours your keywords will be completely indexed.

Q Will I rank on page 1 once my keywords are indexed?

A Yes and no. For long-tail low competition keywords with little to no sales, you may find your product ranking well, but for more competitive keywords, you will have to do more to prove your relevance. The best way to prove relevance is through sales! Make sure that your listing is well optimized before driving sales or you will never find your product ranking!