Major New Discovery: The Mind-Blowing, Hidden Insights in Brand Analytics

March 28, 2019
Amazon Brand Analytics

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If you’re a brand-registered Amazon seller, you should now have access to Brand Analytics in Seller Central. There are incredible insights buried within this data that you can use to make smarter decisions and real improvements. In today’s episode, Casey reveals the unbelievable data that our Data Scientists have uncovered within Brand Analytics. 

You may think you know the answers to these questions…

  • Where do I need to rank for my keywords to drive significant sales?
  • Can I claim market share without ranking organically for my main keywords?
  • How important is review rating for a product like mine?

But you’ll be surprised to learn the real answers.

We have those real answers. Just for you. And this is huge. Don’t miss this week’s episode.

If you want to learn more about our Data Science as a Service (DSaaS), click here to learn more:  To read the full blog post on Brand Analytics, click here:

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