Keyword Manager for Amazon

Thanks to our Keyword Manager tool, being a keyword wizard has never been easier! Keyword Manager uncovers an extensive list of Amazon keywords related to your product and powerful data points such as our Priority Score, Relevancy Score, Search Volume, and CPC Bid Estimates, along with letting you know if the keyword is included in your listing and indexing to inform your keyword strategy and advertising tactics.
Intuitive Keyword Tracking
Easily curate your product’s keyword bank just the way you want it. Add, remove, edit, and track keywords to ensure you don’t miss out on a single customer search.

✓ Track Up to 2,000 Keywords
✓ Keyword Bank
✓ Integration with Other Tools
✓ Organized Analytics

Advanced Keyword Insights
Uncover cutting-edge keyword information, such as index checks, organic and ad rank tracking, search volume trends, badge notifications, and keyword scores. Through our proprietary discovery process, Listing Analyzer shows more keyword information than any other tool.

✓ Index Checker
✓ Organic and Ad Rank Trackers
✓ Rank Change Notifications
✓ Real Suggested Ad Bids

Keyword Management Software

Conquer Amazon at the keyword level with our state-of-the-art keyword management tool. Discover one-of-a-kind keyword insights and analytics, track organic and sponsored ad rank to see where customers find your product and set up notifications to always be the first to know about changes in visibility within our keyword tracker to always have the edge on your opposition.

Keyword Software for Amazon

Our sophisticated ARCS™ (ASIN Relevance and Conformity Semantics) algorithm programmatically determines the most relevant and vital keywords for products on Amazon. Think of it like a reverse ASIN search on steroids. The Amazon keyword optimization tool imports a list of relevant keywords Amazon customers use to find your product, whether you're indexed or ranking for them or not, so you can take action and become a guru at the art and science of SEO.

Hear From Our Customers

"I love this company! Viral launch is constantly innovating and rolling out products that help Amazon sellers increase revenue, rank, sales, conversions and profits. Casey is a brilliant entrepreneur, and has a great team behind him. Highly recommended!"
- Liran Hirschkorn

What we love about this company is that they are ahead of the curve, already having solutions to things we don't even realize are a problem yet.
- Dan Wentworth

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of authorization is required?
Users need to grant Viral Launch access to both MWS & Seller Central (Advertising API).
Can I purchase Listing Analyzer, Keyword Manager, and Listing Builder individually?
These three tools are offered exclusively to Pro subscribers. You cannot purchase them separately at this time.
How many keywords can I track in Keyword Manager?
With the Pro plan, you can track up to 2,000 total keywords across all of your ASINs. If you want more, you can upgrade to Pro Plus Ads at checkout to track up to 5,000 keywords.
What countries are supported?
At this time, Listing Analyzer, Keyword Manager, and Listing Builder are only available for the US marketplace.