Our Mission

At Viral Launch we know that the future is being built by the hard working and fearless entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Our continuing mission is to equip those entrepreneurs with the insight, tools, and partnerships needed for lasting success.

We truly believe that by helping our customers grow their business, together we can ever so slightly change the world for the better.

Our entire team is passionately dedicated to constant ingenuity and courageous innovation.

We work diligently to provide our customers with the most sophisticated and effective tools and services possible to help you achieve your dreams and grow your business.

After working with thousands of brands in the Amazon ecosystem including performing over 17,000 product launches, we have garnered enough knowledge, experience, and data to launch successful brands time and time again.

We've had the privilege of working with and consulting for companies as diverse as home sellers working out of their garage to 9 figure Amazon juggernauts.

The knowledge we've gained working across this scope has been instrumental in developing a system that is both scalable and effective for all types of products and brands.

Let us put our team to work for you, and together we can launch to success.

The Viral Launch Crew

Casey Gauss


Darrian Mikell

Vice President

Corey Gauss

Viral Launch Amazon Coach / Director of Flight Crew

Andrew Field


Steve Cadwallader

Director of Architecture

Todd Bushong

Content & Branding Specialist

Rebecca Ramos

Graphic Designer

Brandon Stewart

Copy Creative | Email Follow-Up Guru

Dustin Kessler

Lead Photographer

Lindsey Tod

Project Manager

'Becca Longenecker

Marketing Project Specialist

Brandon Hollander

Service Delivery Manager

Bradley Gauss

Data Mgmt Specialist

Adam Scholz

Senior Developer

Rachel Shook

Product Photographer

Brock Brothers

PPC Specialist

Cristina Talucci

eComm Specialist

Cameron Yoder

Content Marketing Specialist

Natalie Wadley

Lead Copywriter | Listing Specialist

Leo Sgovio

Head of Innovation

Ellen Sipp

Copywriter | Listing Specialist

Bryan Kizer

Software Developer

Brea Day

Software Developer

Katie Dincolo

Amazon Coach

Carly Secrest

Product Photographer

AJ Kelley

Customer Experience Lead

Matt Henry

Director of Talent

Katelin Kinney

Product Photographer

Christine McCarley

Head of Product

Eli Collis

Software Developer

Stephen Weaver

Software Developer

Jenny Scott

Seller Coach

Drew Jordan

Customer Experience Specialist

Tracy Warner

Executive Assistant

Jessie Roy

Customer Experience Specialist

Colleen O'Mara

Customer Experience Specialist

Sam Clark

Customer Experience Specialist

David Rickey

Software Developer

Steven Penn

Copywriter | Listing Specialist

April Dittmer

Copywriter | Listing Specialist

Austin Bratton

Customer Experience Specialist

Ivan Bohannon

Director of Engineering

Nanci Churchill

Director of Customer Success