Amazon Advertising & PPC Optimization

Top brands are investing in Amazon advertising more than ever before. As PPC marketing gets more complex, it’s crucial that you implement a data-driven strategy to stay relevant.

Viral Launch gives you the tools you need to maximize your ads while saving you time and money. Increase sales with our managed services and our unmatched software, featuring sponsored ad rank tracking, suggested PPC bids, product-targeting suggestions, and more.

Amazon advertising solutions that drive results

Save Time and Money

What if you could see which keywords will convert best for your product before ever running an ad? Viral Launch shows you the keywords that will likely boost clicks and sales, so you can be more efficient from the beginning.

Steal Successful Strategies

Reverse-engineer the top sellers in your market to implement those same success strategies for yourself. Viral Launch shows you which keywords your competitors are bidding on and gaining sales through, along with which keywords they’re neglecting.

Leave it to the Experts

Partner with our advertising experts to implement the latest Amazon tactics and achieve your sales goals. Our SPACE Managed Services team leverages our data, expertise, and technology to devise a personalized advertising strategy for your brand. We are laser-focused on your results.

Get the edge with these Amazon PPC features

  • Sponsored ad rank tracking
  • Pre-loaded historical ad rank
  • Digital Shelf Mapping™
  • Competing and complementary products
  • Keyword search volume
  • Hourly keyword tracking
  • Sponsored ad rank change notifications
  • Suggested CPC bids
  • Product-targeting suggestions

Amazon advertising solutions by Viral Launch

SPACE Managed Services

Increase your visibility and sales with PPC automations

SPACE is a sales and ranking engine that applies a holistic approach to driving organic and PPC results on Amazon. We understand how Amazon is changing and have the best solution for sellers who want to drive results. Implement our innovative sales solution, powered by strategic PPC management and our integrated technology.

Keyword Manager

Track your important advertising metrics

Keyword Manager shows you which keywords you should be targeting with your ads and where your ads are displaying for each one. It also provides you with suggested CPC bids, sponsored ad ranks, and pre-loaded historical ad information, along with email notification options.

Competitor Intelligence

Reverse-engineer top sellers’ strategies

Competitor Intelligence reveals success tactics used by top sellers in your market. This advanced Amazon reverse-ASIN tool gives you a list of an ASIN’s top-performing and underutilized keywords. It also analyzes and tracks indexation, keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, search volumes, notification options, and more.

Listing Analyzer

Analyze and improve your advertising performance

Along with automating your keyword research, Listing Analyzer suggests the best ASINs for your product-targeting campaigns. We’ll show you complementary products, competitor products in your keyword’s markets, and best-selling products that will maximize your exposure, so you can spend less time doing manual research.

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Top Questions About Amazon Advertising & PPC Optimization

Is there a free trial?

Each of our software tools have their own version of a free trial. For our SPACE managed services, where we manage your PPC for you, there is no free trial.

What package should I get?

If you want to optimize and track your sponsored ads, try the Brand Builder package. This will give you access to each Advertising tool along with the access you need to drive real results.

What does each Amazon advertising solution do?

SPACE Managed Services is a service where we manage your PPC with a focus on overall profitability. Keyword Manager lets you track your keyword and sponsored ad rank, along with showing you important keyword metrics. Competitor Intelligence lets you track other ASIN's keyword and sponsored ad rank. Listing Analyzer helps you find the best products to advertise on using product-targeting campaigns.