Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon SEO should be your number-one priority. By neglecting Amazon listing optimization, it could be costing you thousands of dollars.

Perfecting your listing is painless with Viral Launch. By automating your Amazon keyword research, streamlining your writing process, and tracking your keyword metrics, Viral Launch helps you convert more shoppers into customers.

Get more sales on Amazon with an optimized listing

Automate Your Keyword Research

Stop sorting through irrelevant keywords. With the most sophisticated Amazon reverse-ASIN lookup tool, Viral Launch automates your keyword research process at the click of a button.

Streamline Your Copywriting

Imagine having everything you need to write a perfectly optimized Amazon listing. Viral Launch’s software helps you put together a listing that includes every important keyword and maximizes your product’s visibility.

Find Your Missing Keywords

Want to see which sales-driving keywords you’re neglecting? Viral Launch pinpoints the important keywords you haven’t featured in your listing (along with the ones you have), the keywords your competitors are using, and so much more.

Amazon listing optimization features that give you the edge

  • Master reverse-ASIN lookup
  • ASIN Relevance and Conformity Semantics (ARCS)™
  • Keyword priority scores
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
  • Index checker
  • Listing optimization score
  • Automated keyword discovery
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword opportunity scores
  • “Included in Your Listing” checker
  • Interactive listing builder
  • Full product analysis

Viral Launch software and services for Amazon listing optimization

Listing Analyzer

Automate your keyword research

Listing Analyzer is an automated Amazon reverse-ASIN tool that evaluates up to 100,000 keywords to gather your product’s most important keywords for you. Reduce your research time and discover profitable opportunities you’re currently missing at the click of a button.

Keyword Research

Find the most relevant keywords

Keyword Research is the most accurate Amazon keyword tool for finding important search terms. Simply enter a seed keyword and get a list of highly relevant keywords alongside Amazon search volume, priority and opportunity scores, suggested CPC bids, and search trends.

Listing Builder

Become a pro at Amazon listing optimization

Listing Builder streamlines how you write your listing with an interactive keyword bank, keyword metrics (like search volume), and a listing optimization score. With Listing Builder, you can ensure you have an SEO-optimized listing that maximizes keyword ranking on Amazon.

Keyword Manager

Track your most important keywords

Keyword Manager is an analytics dashboard that offers more keyword data for your products than any other software tool. One of its many features is an index checker, displaying which opportunity-rich keywords you need to place in your listing’s copy to capture a larger audience on Amazon.

Competitor Intelligence

Reverse-engineer your competitors

Competitor Intelligence highlights your competition’s success and uncovers their weaknesses. With this tool, you can find which keywords top sellers are using to drive sales and implement them into your own listing. You can also compare your product side-by-side to a best-selling product to see what steps you can take to improve.

Listing Optimization Service

Maximize keyword exposure to increase sales

Equipped with expert insights from running over 40,000 product launches, our trained Amazon copywriters conduct in-depth product, market, and keyword research to get inside the minds of your customers. Based on their findings, they brilliantly marry sales-inducing language with the most relevant keywords for your product. Maximize your listing’s visibility in search results and increase your conversion rate with our proven approach.

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Top questions about Listing Optimization

Is there a free trial?

Yes! Each of our software tools has its own version of a free trial. Our listing optimization copywriting service does not have a free trial.

Which package should I get?

If you're interested in writing a new listing or optimizing an existing one, try our Brand Builder package. This gives you access to all of our listing optimization tools, along with enough access to drive real results. If you're interested in getting your listing written for you by a professional Amazon copywriter, check out our Listing Optimization service.

Do I need the software and the copywriting service?

Our software gives you every keyword to include in your listing, along with helpful metrics like Amazon search volume and opportunity scores. With our listing optimization service, our professional copywriters marry keyword-rich copy with sales language to ensure your listing appeals to both Amazon's algorithm and shoppers.

What does each listing optimization tool do?

Listing Analyzer looks at your listing and automatically gives you your most important keywords. Keyword Research allows you to find relevant keywords when you search a term. Listing Builder helps you write your title, bullet points, description, and backend keywords through an interactive keyword bank. Keyword Manager helps you track all of your most important keywords organically and for sponsored ads. Competitor Intelligence shows you which keywords your competitors are using to drive success and which ones they're missing out on. Our listing optimization service hands off your copy to a trained Amazon copywriter, who perfectly crafts your listing for Amazon's algorithm and shoppers.