Pre-Launch Checklist

  • Check that your Max Order Qty. is set by trying to add multiple promo units to your Amazon cart for each variation. You should be limited to the quantity you specified.

  • Watch our video on how to properly create one-time-use coupons here: Video

  • Check out our 9 most common launch mistakes: here

  • Create 1 extra claim code for our team to use when testing.

  • Set "Claim Code Combinability" to "Unrestricted" to improve claim rate.

  • Make sure your launch is scheduled by 5pm EST to go live the next day.

  • Make sure your coupons are active when uploaded into our system.

  • We generally suggest targeting just one keyword.  Learn why

  • Make sure your listing is optimized to maximize potential keyword exposure!

Create Launch

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Advanced Per Day Schedule System:

The OrganicURL is our customers' most popular choice because it has tremendous ranking effect when used with a launch. Using a different URL will likely not have the same impact.

Amazon may consider using the OrganicURL as ranking manipulation. While we have not seen this in the past, the possibility does exist and we need you to acknowledge the risk.

We are NOT responsible for unprotected inventory, by pressing 'Launch!' you agree to this.

By pressing 'Launch!' you are confirming the above information to be accurate. You are also confirming you have have read, understood our launch instruction and have created your coupons accordingly.