The Most Relevant Keyword Tool For Amazon

Reverse Market Lookups A master reverse-ASIN lookup reaching across all your Amazon markets and taking all top competitors into consideration instead of just one.
Amazon Search Volume Data Our industry-leading search volume estimates are based only on actual Amazon data and are updated multiple times a week. Utilize both exact and broad match to see a keywords’ potential impact.
Historical Search Volume Trends See which keywords are gaining or losing popularity and identify keywords with high relevance and low competition using Sponsored Ad Bids and Opportunity Score.
Integrated with Viral Launch Software Increased insights across all Viral Launch tools. Filter for keywords based on search volume, and see search volume numbers for the markets you are considering.

The Most Relevant Keywords for Your Product

Capitalize on Low Competition

Opportunity Score ranks keywords on a scale of 0-1,000 to show you markets with high volume and few ranking listings. Because they are less competitive, these markets also tend to have lower quality listings. If you’ve got great reviews and good photos, the addition of a single keyword could bring in thousands more dollars in sales every month.

Keyword Insights No Matter
Where You Research

Keyword Research integrates with all of your Viral Launch software subscriptions so you can see keyword search volume insights no matter what tool you’re using. Filter for keywords with high volume when looking for product ideas with Product Discovery. And see keyword search volume inside of Amazon as you research with Market Intelligence.

See Sponsored Ad Bid Cost

Optimize your sponsored ads with the ability to see bid costs right inside Keyword Research. Understand competition level for every keyword on your list, and easily copy selected terms to your clipboard or download as CSV.

See How
Keyword Research


Keyword Research by Viral Launch will give you access to data that you can immediately take action on and implement in your listings to get more traffic. On top of that, you will find more opportunities for hidden keyword gems for your advertising campaigns

Liran Hirschkorn,

I am absolutely loving this powerful keyword research tool from Viral Launch. It’s helping me find and determine the absolute best keywords for my listings to maximize traffic and sales on Amazon. I highly recommend it. "

Nick Landowski,
Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What countries do you currently support?

A Keyword Research data is only available for the US market. We are looking into adding additional markets in the future.

Q Where does the data come from?

A All of our data is from Amazon.

Q How do you get your results?

A To get each of these results, we are running a massive Reverse Market Lookup. Think a Reverse ASIN Lookup, but bigger and better. The downside to Reverse ASIN Lookup is that it only finds indexed words for one single competitor, which means you could miss some really crucial words for your product. In contrast, a Reverse Market Lookup finds the most relevant indexed words from all of your top competitors. Essentially, we’re looking at the top sellers across your entire product market to pinpoint your most important keywords. This ensures you don’t miss any crucial keywords for your market, and as an end result, you see a large pool of relevant keywords for your product.
Next, we take that large pool of keywords and run it through our sophisticated Market Relevance Calculation. This proprietary process weeds out irrelevant terms and gives you a list of hyper-relevant keywords for your product

Q Why don’t you show # of Giveaways?

A Search volume is not a good indicator of sales. For some keywords, there could be a high conversion rate, for example 25% of searches result in a sale. Other keywords may have a low conversion rate, for example 1% of searches result in a sale. Since the conversion rate can vary significantly, it is not possible to provide estimated giveaways with a high level of confidence.