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Email follow-up sequences are low hanging fruit that when optimized correctly help you increase reviews and sales at no additional time and little cost to you.


Reviews Drive Sales

Having a competitive number of reviews is crucial to driving sales. Why would you not focus on driving as many organic reviews as possible!?

Mitigate Negative Reviews

Our email sequences are built to enhance your customer's experience and are focused on stopping negative experiences from reaching the review/feedback section on Amazon.

Hands-Off & Cost Effective

Email sequences run in the background, requiring no additional work on your end to increase your product's organic reviews.

How one simple tweak can send your Amazon listing a flood of positive reviews

Discover this important service that thousands of sellers fail to use. And how you can take advantage to increase your sales.

As a seller you know that Amazon reviews are vital to your company.

They can launch your product into orbit or kick it spiraling down a black hole.

Amazon reviews are word-of-mouth testimonials (the most powerful form of marketing) from buyers that handed over their hard earned dollars.

And buyers wield ultimate power in moving your sales up... and to the right.

So you test drive all.

  • • Both Amazon Seller 1 and Amazon Seller 2 have one very similar, high quality item at the same price point.
  • • Both sellers have the same star rating.
  • • Seller 1 has 1,000 reviews.
  • • Seller 2 only has 177 reviews.
  • • Who do you think most buyers will purchase from?
  • • Even though both products are the same, buyers perceive that Seller 1 has a superior product... and so they purchase.

The more reviews you gather, the faster your Amazon sales can grow (there’s no magic number, we wish there was).

Buyers place their trust in you… so long as your products are good and negative reviews are minimal.

But here’s something shocking...

You may want to sit down for this, it’s gonna hit you like a ton of bricks.

You ready?

Listen closely: many sellers fail to request product reviews and feedback.

Did you know that?

All that money potential sitting there waiting to be gathered.

And the sellers who reach out to buyers have, on average, a review rate of 1% – 2%.

That’s not significant by any means.

Look, it’s not easy emailing buyers and requesting reviews and feedback.

You’re busy, we understand.

Creating email subject lines, preheaders, the layout, and content for each and every email eats away at your day.

This doesn’t even include email send time optimization, QA (quality assurance), and A/B testing.

Plus buyers are busy with their lives, families, jobs, and such.

At Viral Launch we’ve launched over 18,000+ products and worked with over 4,000 brands.

We know a thing or two about making the most profit when selling on Amazon.

And for the past few months we’ve been testing a way you can speed up your Amazon rankings, lifting them higher in search.

And we’ve hired a team of dedicated copywriters and content writers to create your custom email messages, saving you countless hours and capturing feedback and product reviews.

And thus far we like the results… as do the sellers.

Our beta testing has seen explosive growth, pushing sellers to the top of Amazon.

And the sellers are happy. Not only are they growing in search ranking, but they’re resolving buyer issues before negative feedback/reviews are left.

Our email experts have previous experience crafting emails for Fortune 500s and other enterprise level corporations… the big guns that make billions per year.

So yes, we know a thing or two about moving your audience to leave positive feedback and reviews.

And you now have the chance to join in where so many other sellers fail.

Here’s what you get with Review Booster

  • • 4 unique emails so you can split test (A/B test) and uncover the best performing emails for your audience.

    • ⊚ 2 emails for feedback

    • ⊚ 2 emails for product reviews

  • • Every email includes:

    • ⊚ Proven content designed to move buyers into leaving a positive review and feedback.

    • ⊚ A specific layout that resonates with your audience.

    • ⊚ An eye catching subject line and preheader to capture your buyers’ attention and move them to open the email.

  • • Optimal email send times for maximum impact.

Viral Launch Flight Crew

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Review Booster + Management

$ Call

  • 2 Optimized Emails Targeting Seller Feedback
  • 2 Optimized Emails Targeting Product Reviews
  • Emails Crafted Around Your Demographic
  • Optimal Send Time Suggestions
  • Sequence Initialization (tool of your choice) & A/B Testing
Start Increasing Reviews Now!

Review Booster

$ Call

  • 2 Optimized Emails Targeting Seller Feedback
  • 2 Optimized Emails Targeting Product Reviews
  • Emails Crafted Around Your Demographic
  • Optimal Send Time Suggestions
  • Sequence Initialization (tool of your choice) & A/B Testing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What about Amazon’s TOS?

A Each and every email abides by Amazon’s TOS Guidelines for HTML, CSS, and link limitations.

Q Can you provide specific times during the day to send out these emails?

A We wish, but send times are based upon a triggered Amazon action such as shipping confirmation and item delivery, among several other options.

Q Have you ever listened to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart and balled your eyes out?

A Yes, every Thursday is Bonnie Tyler day… we have a hefty supply of Kleenexes on hand.