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When it comes to E-Commerce, aesthetics are everything. If your product does not instill a sense of desire and trust through its aesthetics you're missing out on sales and leaving the door wide open for competition.


Establish Quality

Design that shows thought and illicits awe, speaks quality.

Wow Your Customers

By having the best looking product and packaging, why would a customer ever choose a competitor?

Get Ahead of the Competition

Product aesthetics are one of the simplest competitive advantages now in your arsenal.

Product Label & Packaging Designs Reimagined

Wow your customers..
(all designs are case studies, not actual client work)

Health Supplement Reimagined

Displaying this minimalistic design is sure to have your customers intrigued. The focus of this simple design is to illustrate the "Advanced" formula of the product. The silver color palette and minimalistic design give a feel reminiscent of the technology sector. The blue color according to color theory is a color associated with trust and dependability. The clear bottle is an ideal aesthetic, but not a requirement. The label is fit to be applied to any supplement bottle.
Combined, this label provides a formidable aesthetic that illicits awe and builds trust and reassurance in the results to come.

Label Aesthetics As Is

This blood pressure formula suffers from the type of plain and dull design that we see time and time again in vitamins and supplements. The plain white block lettering takes up the majority of the bottle and communicates nothing special, modern, or unique about the supplements. The blocking of the additional text is uneven and done in a mix of various fonts causing the overall presentation to lack clarity and a sense of balance. The sole graphic element of the design, the pills have been squeezed into the bottom portion of the label and in no way complement or overall look or quality.

Viral Launch Redesign

Label Design Option 1

Package Design Option 1

Supplement Design Option 2

This design is focused on the issue it is looking to solve - the heart. This is where it all begins. The bright graphic grabs scrolling customer's attention allowing you to increase search-to-click rate. According to color theory, red is a bold color associated with youthfulness. This supplement works to improve cardiac (heart) health, so we wanted to drive that association on the customer's subconsious.

Label Design Option 2

Package Design Option 2

Beauty Serum Reimagined

Our revamped design is intended to evoke emotions of pleasentry and beauty. Orange is the color of cheerfulness and confidence. The key to selling beauty products is play on a customer's aspirations increasing their level of attractive. Producing a clean design with vibrant colors are importnat. The orange fruit highlights the Vitamin C aspect of the serum, while the greenery highlights the product's "natural" incredients property. (The change in bottle design improves the aesthtic but any design is appropriate.)

Label Aesthetics As Is

This Vitamin C serum is a perfect example of the poor use of both text and color. The large orange box is not only wasted on plain block text which makes the serum feel medicinal and plain but the shade of orange is also dark and uninspiring leaving the shopper with a muted and dull sensation. This coupled with the amature drawn dropper make this design ripe for a reimagining.

Viral Launch Redesign

Beauty Oil Reimagined

Green is a color associated with growth and nature. The color pallatte is designed to essentuate the growth and improvement the Castor Oil produces as well as its all natural properties. The aesthetics of beauty products are imperative to playing on a customer's aspirations of improved beauty so we chose a clean white background.

Label Aesthetics As Is

This castor oil is an example of poor label design coupled with the wrong choice of bottle. The overall feel of the design is overwhelmingly dark and uninspiring. The red and black elements of the text are lost against the tinted black background of the bottle giving the overall look a very unpleasant brown sheen as well as a difficulty to read. All the while the product is called “tropical” jamaican castor oil. Nothing about this design evokes the images of growth and life that we associate with tropical.

Viral Launch Redesign

Your Competitors Hide This Fact… And They Love It When You Get It Wrong.

But that’s all about to change. Because you can now provide superior products and steal the competitions’ customers

There you are in the middle of the car dealership lot.

Searching for that new and shiny vehicle... all those choices peering out from behind tinted windows and chrome wheels.

Do you go with Mercedes or BMW or Lexus or Accord?

They’re all in the same price range and of similar quality.

So you test drive all.

And after wading through the sea of car options, you’re ready to sign on the dotted line.

You’ve made your decision… choosing the car with the stunning design... the one car sure to be the envy of your friends.

You purchase solely based on looks.

And this is why companies take great care in crafting the very best products, wrapped neatly in beautiful design.

And you know, it’s not much different with your Amazon listing.

Design Speaks Quality

Buyers associate beautiful design and packaging with high quality products.

You could have the highest quality product, but if you have poorly designed packaging or labels, buyers assume it’s low quality.

Poor design repels buyers instead of attracting them.

Buyers immediately judge your products by what they see.

That’s just the way it is.

Maybe you don’t think so… that is until you see your competition killing it.

Why do you think companies spend so much time and money on product packaging and labelling?

If the product could speak for itself, there would be no need for labels or packages.

You’d buy products without labels or packaging.

But companies understand that the right design, color, font, shape, and style have emotional weight on customers.

If your product looks enticing...

If it blows away the competition...

If it looks high quality…

Then customers hand over their hard earned dollars.

At Viral Launch we’ve launched over 17,000+ products and worked with over 2,500 brands.

We know a thing or two about making the most profit when selling on Amazon.

We’ve watched sellers launch their products to great fanfare… only to be met with silence and flat sales.

And yet these sellers do nothing to transform their packaging and label designs.

If your product looks like it's part of the vintage section at Goodwill, then you definitely have a problem… and we need to talk.

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  • Visually Astounding Label Design
  • 2 Variations
  • Designs Created Based on Expert Market Analysis
  • Designs Developed to Drive Clicks and Conversions
  • Improve Brand Identity and Cohesion
  • Optional Add-on: Brand Consultation
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  • Visually Astounding Package Design
  • 2 Variations
  • Designs Created Based on Expert Market Analysis
  • Designs Developed to Drive Clicks and Conversions
  • Improve Brand Identity and Cohesion
  • Optional Add-on: Brand Consultation
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Label Design


  • Visually Astounding Label Design
  • 2 Variations
  • Designs Created Based on Expert Market Analysis
  • Designs Developed to Drive Clicks and Conversions
  • Improve Brand Identity and Cohesion
  • Optional Add-on: Brand Consultation
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